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The snow has been falling in the most amazing giant flakes for a couple days now. Though this means I will be suiting up to shovel the porch off (before it caves in from the weight) it creates the most amazing scene outside. When you live somewhere like Northern Michigan there are times all the entertainment you need is what is happening out your window. No need for art when you have a view like this from your couch.

This weekend I plan to find time to go outside and get in a good hike. We plan to visit a new restaurant in town and do quite a bit of work on our new business. It is busy around here and we love it. We love it so much. Mike will kick off with you all Monday…you all ready for a man around these parts? I will warn you all he is even more real than I am. He plans to bring you all some tips about business, being a creative, and other great knowledge he has on all sorts of great topics all while bringing his manly edge to the fashion and design style around here.

I hope you all had a wonderful valentines day! We got to have a nice celebration for Mike’s birthday. When is ever not fun celebrating a birthday?

Also if you missed it this week I talked about making a really tough decision even amongst all these exciting ones.

Cheers to the weekend my friends. Let’s go make.

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  1. I’ve been reading your wonderful blog and I just realized you are in Traverse City! I grew up outside of Detroit but have been to Traverse City a bunch of times. It’s a beautiful place!

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