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Ending Summer Days | The Fresh Exchange

This week in Northern Michigan it has been chilly. The water has been wild and wavy but the most beautiful turquoise blue. The air though has the smell of fall. The slightest scent of the chilly days ahead seems to linger especially late in the evening these days. Though, as a northern girl I know the best days of the year are still to come. September and October up here may be the most precious of them all. The warm days that lead to very chilly nights. The quiet as the tourists leave. Best of all, the colors of the trees come alive along the dunes and hills and vineyards. It is really magical.

As the seasons begin their shift, this means it is time to slowly say goodbye till next year. It isn’t always easy, but the more we do this, the more I cherish it and don’t place too much sentiment into it. I know I will be back because this is ultimately home. You never leave home too long. I am sure you will read some boo hoo post that reminisces and recounts our summer, so bear with me. I believe in marking sentiments and seasons especially the older I get. Things feel precious and sometimes fleeting, but when I was younger, I wanted them to end sooner and move to the next thing. Now, I am learning to give everything its season because it deserves its moment. This year is no different. That post will come, and I look forward to it.

This weekend is all about enjoying the last of my Northern Michigan summer and the end of our time slowing down. Though, I feel ready for what’s next I am happy to find myself giving these days the love and wide eyes they need for this time to come to a great ending.

During these cold days, I had time to catch up on a few things, and I wanted to share a few things I was reading, enjoying, and thinking about over the week. Give it a look. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. We have some great content over the next few weeks so check back!

– My friend, Erin from Earnest Home Co. has a lovely blog. She lives in a beautiful farm house in Ohio and has gone from studying chemistry in college to running product sourcing for a major clothing brand to now owning her own line of products. She knows what it takes to go through the process of creating your own line of products and is now offering workshops and posts like this all about it. If you are thinking of launching your own products at some point, I highly suggest following her. Even if you don’t have that plan, I highly recommend following her. She is awesome. 

– Mike and I love reading My Scandinavian Home. Much of our home inspiration has come from this blog. The simplicity and natural elements. It should be no surprise that I am pretty in love with this home this week

– One of my favorite dishes is Paella. It is so beautiful, fun to make, and it means you must gather a group of friends. I love this recipe from Camilla Styles for a seafood Paella. I love making this kind of dish for holiday meals such as Christmas dinner or New Year’s. Maybe one to save for the coming months?

– Hitting the road on Wednesday and loving this Road Trip Guide from Garance Dore’s blog. I enjoyed the exercise/diet part. Truly Mike and I plan our road trip based on Whole Food locations. No joke. I know where every single one is between Raleigh/Durham and Traverse City, Michigan. I panic thinking we may end up in West Virginia at key dinner times.

– I have a serious love for Leandra of Man Repeller. She cracks me up, knows her stuff, and has no fear when it comes to being herself and being honest about her fears as someone so publicly facing. Her style is very different than mine, but that doesn’t mean anything.  I have a feeling Leandra is a great lady to have a glass of wine with nearly any time of day. If you haven’t caught her on Youtube, you may want to skip any Netflix this weekend and instead follow watch all of her channel. This one, in particular, is one of my favorites.  

– No matter your career you are in, networking is key. Mike and I both recently read this article on Medium about approaching it appropriately and loved it. As business owners, we make a point to go to events and find ways to network naturally with people. We find our best work leads come from whom we know not from our forum on our website, so it is something that is very vital to running our business. What do you think?

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