Upcoming Travel: Spain and Portugal

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Upcoming Adventures: Spain and Portugal  |  The Fresh Exchange

To kick off the week we wanted to share a dream we have had for some time. When Mike and I were dreaming about the idea of working together and what that might look like, our most clarifying moments were always in transitional situations. It was either on a long road trip, on a train ride in Italy, or walking through the streets of Paris. We make our biggest and best decisions when we are in the middle of an adventure and when we are truly creating out of joy. We have been quite busy working for our clients but have not given ourselves the proper attention we need to. We know there are some big decisions coming up this next year, we are looking to hire, rent a studio space, and are looking at focusing on the blog even more. We would love to help more people and brands by leading more workshops and speaking at more conferences, but all of these decisions cannot be made from a point of desperation or fear. These decisions have to be made from a place of adventure and hope. That is where Wild Measure was born and it is where we need to be when thinking about the future.

Thus we are taking a wild measure ourselves, and at the end of next month we are going to be heading to Spain and Portugal for a little future planning, break time, and adventure time. We have made a hard deadline for all of our current projects to be completed before we go and are not taking projects until we return so we can truly use this time to focus on the future. This means we will once again be blogging all our adventures each day with you and doing our best to make you feel as if you jumped in our suitcase for the trip.

After returning from Europe nearly a year and a half ago, we have wanted to get back and see more. The two countries at the top of that list have been Spain and Portugal. Both for the food and the adventurous spirit that has for centuries existed in that land. So, with collected air miles and a “why not” kind of attitude we booked our flights. We will begin and end in Madrid, because of it’s central location to the rest of the area. We will be meeting up with old friends there and making new ones along the way. But, we want to know what y’all want to hear about, where should we go, what should we avoid, and everything in between. We are excited for this 20+ day adventure and we are even more excited to have y’all once again experience one of our travels with us.

As we do not have a client project on this trip we are going to concoct some creative challenges to keep ourselves inspired. We have thought about bringing along our new/old film camera, creating with a more mobile mindset, and proving to ourselves we can literally live out of a backpack. Though we know we cannot live this way all the time, we look forward to this adventure to allow ourselves to push our limits and open the doors to learning new things .

Happy Monday! We cannot wait to hear all you hope to see during our travels this time!

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