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Weekend Thoughts + a Feature in Midwest Living | The Fresh Exchange

In all honesty, this week has been slightly exhausting, but don’t let me lose you there. We have been working on finishing the new site and making sure everything is ready for Monday…still in shock that is when we will launch this project we have been plugging away at for about a year. Between that and having a baby under 6 months we have been in this sort of continual balance of life and work that is heavier than normal. In most cases, this would nearly shut me down and though at moments we both have felt at our limit,  I will say we somehow are doing it and not losing our patience or too much sleep. Though yesterday felt more like a Friday and I decided that in that moment I deserved tacos and a good light beer, the truth is the last stretch of this is nearly complete and that is an amazing thing.

I have felt like even in the hecticness of this week that I feel like we are learning this whole balance thing with being parents and owning a business and that makes me feel like this week is ending on a high note.

Weekend Thoughts + a Feature in Midwest Living | The Fresh Exchange

Then, when I grabbed the mail today I found the latest Midwest Living and I got excited because I knew we would finally see a story that Mike shot last summer in print! Sure enough to top off our week, we saw his images gracing the pages in a three-page spread about Mille Mitten.

Weekend Thoughts + a Feature in Midwest Living | The Fresh Exchange

Weekend Thoughts + a Feature in Midwest Living | The Fresh Exchange

We love producing work for the blog, but there is always something about seeing our work in print that makes it all the more rewarding. We are pretty big fans of Midwest Living, because they celebrate the places that mean so much to us in Michigan. Now to join in on telling the story of an area we love is something to knock off on our bucket-list. To top it all off, they named the town we call our northern home, Traverse City, the Midwest City of 2016 in the same issue! We happen to agree.

Anyways, we just thought we would share the feature with you guys because it felt like a huge light at the end of a week that was all about drudging through the mud of the final stretch of launching a new site. It is always nice to have a really great reward like this on weeks that feel like nose to the grindstone. It was a good reminder of one of the many reasons we love creating.

We hope you guys had an awesome week! Did anything exciting happen for you?! Share please!!

To usher you into the weekend, here are some links for you that got us excited this week. Oh and if you haven’t watched GOT this week don’t read this list *spoiler alert*

  • Just as a friendly reminder! Our new site goes live on Monday!!!
  • ***We are complete GOT heads…I mean to the point I was so anxious during last weeks episode I was ready to vomit cause I couldn’t bare thinking the episode would end with Jon Snowe dead again. It was too much…but these Game of Thrones Gifs really made my week.***
  • There are a ton of great sales this weekend such as 50% off sale items at AnthropologieFree People has 25% off of sale, and Zara has one of their sales.
  • This post from my friend, Hannah wrote about artifacts in a life of minimalism and I loved it.
  • This whole thing about Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour switching places is winning for sure this week.
  • Been really into this type of sound lately especially after we put Hayes down and the windows are open and the wind chimes twinkle outside.
  • We are obsessing about the Open Account podcast. Have you heard it?
  • This is such a good reminder about how important it is to stay present and putting our phones away from time to time. A good thing to take into the weekend.

Have a happy weekend friends! See you bright and early on Monday for a fun giveaway and a look at the brand spanking new site!! Woo Hoo!!!

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