Weekend Playlist: Sunny Days and Cool Breezes

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Playlist: Sunny Days and Cool Breezes | The Fresh Exchange


We are deep in the heart of summer. The days are hot hot hot and nights, well, they tend to be the same, but those cool breezes, those are the relief. These days, things move slower because it is too warm to move fast. The days are busy with trips here and there and somehow finding time for yourself in the mix of it, but these are the days we wait for in the winter. Oh, how we love these sunny days.

These days the clouds are few and far between.
These days the water feels less like jumping into an ice bath and more like the perfect refreshing drink.
These days we live for the wind to whip down from the north and bring relief.
These days we are escaping to wherever those we love are.
These days are thick and heavy with humidity and experiences.
These days you live in dresses that flow across your skin.
These days the wind whips through your hair and you don’t care the mess it makes because it feels so good.
These days you may wish just a little for the fall to arrive.
These days you can see the tan lines from your bathing suit.
These days you considering a cool treat your dinner.
These days your summer is already full of memories you want to hold onto forever.

It is hard to believe we are at the end of July and about to begin August. The next few weeks are busy for us with work and shoots as we enter into September very quickly, but we are embracing it all and remembering the importance of kicking back and enjoying these blissful days of sunny days and those heavenly cool breezes that still come in off the water.

Happy weekend friends! Enjoy the playlist!

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