Words for Monday: Patience is Key

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Patience  |  The Fresh Exchange

This summer has been all about patience for us. Reaching the last few months of our time here in Traverse City, we still have not landed a home in Raleigh. On top of that we feel that we have to put a lot of our decisions as business owners and our dream work as creatives on hold as well. At times this keeps me up at night and leaves me dreaming some really funky things. I sometimes dream that I am floating and unable to grab anything or put both of my feet back on the ground.

Though this feeling of floating somewhere in between has felt stressful more often than not, we have also felt some level of freedom that we realize could end very quickly when house payments and responsibility become a reality. So, we are trying to keep our state of mind on this unique level of freedom for now. Patience is not only a virtue but it is valuable during these seasons of life.

Often we feel ready for the next thing and ready to just close the deal when we really need to let ourselves be patient enough to know that things will happen when they are supposed to happen. This rings true even when we are grasping and straining for what we want. I am trying to remind myself of this everyday as well as stay focused on work and completing tasks each day. Learning patience, just like anything in life, comes in seasons. I know I will learn a new level of patience at another point in my life, but right now I am learning the kind of patience that is about allowing life to come as it may. As someone who loves to make things happen for myself, I struggle with asking for help. I hate things being out of my control, but I am breathing deep whenever that frustration and anxiety surfaces.

Seeing others have exciting things happen for them can be hard when you are trying to be patient. For me I begin to wonder if I am doing something wrong or if I haven’t tried hard enough, when in truth I try to remember it simply isn’t my time yet. The time will come and it will come just when it should. When I think about the weight of what I am waiting for I begin to realize that I still need this time here in this weightless freedom in order to prepare for what will come. I need that freedom to say let’s disappear and enjoy what little we have to worry about right now.

I am sure each of you have something you are waiting on in different ways. It could be a house, a studio space, starting a family, finding the love of your life, getting out of a job and starting your dream job, an upcoming trip, or anything. Whatever it may be, know that this time in between is extremely valuable. It is the time you need in order to be ready to take on this next big thing you are dreaming of. Being patient now is going to make you that much stronger and prepare you to take on the challenges that will come with what is ahead. Celebrate those who achieve what you are hoping for. Enjoy here and now in this space between…things will change and this time now will never exist again so take advantage of all it has to offer. Everything you are waiting on will come when it should.

Have you had seasons of patience? What tips for being patient do you have?

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