Working Together Ep. 04 | Running a business while having a baby

We are excited to share another episode of Working Together today. This week we are talking about how we have been running a business together while having a baby. We have two great questions from Heather of Heather Burris Photography and Laura Coleman of AGSC in this episode and they are really great questions.

This episode has an appropriate hiccup with Hayes interrupting. Normally we would have reshot but because we are talking about having a baby and a business, we felt it was necessary to roll with it.

In two weeks we will be talking about How to Handle The Work Balance When Working Together. If you have a question about this topic or any others please place them in the comments below or tweet at us @fresh_exchange and use #WorkingTogetherTFE.

Cannot wait to hear from you!

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  1. This is the first Working Together episode I’ve gotten a chance to watch and it was great! We have our first due in three weeks and this advice is so helpful, thanks!