Working Together Ep. 06 | How to Balance Relationship and Work Life

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This week’s Working Together episode we are talking all about How to Balance Relationship and Work Life. The thing we are asked so often is “how do you spend so much time together?” Such a great question! The truth is we have had to work hard to find space for ourselves and surprisingly we don’t work together as often as you might assume.

In today’s episode, we are driving through Leelanau County and are giving our 6 tips for how we have found a healthy balance in our personal and work life together. One big hint, it is all about boundaries, just like with any relationship. The other hint is we aren’t a typical couple, we actually do better spending quite a bit of time together. It somehow works for us.

You can catch all 6 tips in the video as well as a great question from Marguerite Andrews.

Next episode will post on September 19th and we will be talking about Our Tools for Working Together. If you have any questions you want to know about feel free to leave the comments below or use the #WorkingTogetherTFE on Twitter or Facebook to ask a question as well.

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