Working Together Ep. 07 | The Tools We Use

On this week’s episode of Working Together. we are sharing what tools we use to work together. In the video, we share and explain the tools we use to automate our blog and business as well as collaborate.

We have received tons of questions about this and we wanted to share what has made all the difference. Here is the full list, but watch the video for more on how we use these tools.

Contracts and Invoicing: Hello Bonsai
Expenses and Income estimation: Cushion
Idea Cataloging: Evernote
Collaborating: Pinterest
Emailing: Google Business
Hosting: Flywheel
To do list: Todoist
Calendar: Fantastical
Video: Zoom and Google Hangout
Conference calling: Uber Conference

We would love to hear what tools you guys use as well! We are always on the hunt so please share about the apps and tools that help automate your business?

Our next episode will be on Octobre 3rd and we will be talking about handling different working styles. Let us know if you have a question you would like us to answer either about that topic or any other!

Happy Monday friends. We are frantically moving today currently.

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One Response

  1. For the next episode on Different Working Styles: I’m curious what your thoughts are for the creatives who don’t like schedules? The more I try to schedule, the less work I get done… It’s like schedules flip a switch in my brain. I know I’m not alone. We creatives who are scatter-brained & unorganized need to learn how to make our working style work for us & our businesses!

    Absolutely loving this series. Thanks for sharing so much info, & good luck packing!!!

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