Working Together Ep. 08 | How to Handle Different Working Styles

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Pretty excited about this week’s Working Together episode. Not only are we shooting in our new rental in Michigan that we will be hunkering down in this winter, but we also love the topic of handling different working styles. It is a wide range and big topic, but we kind of love helping other entrepreneurs working together figure out how to find the right mix of their working styles to make it work super well together.

Understanding and being aware of each other’s working styles is not just important but vital to being the secret of success when working in a partnership. Mike and I are VERY different. We talked about this in this episode of Working Together where we shared our Myers-Briggs scores, but working styles go beyond just personality types. Everyone has ticks and ways that they work especially when you are an entrepreneur. It is hard to bring together to very independent and goal oriented minds to successfully work together in forward motion together. Sometimes it will feel easier than other times, but usually there is always some piece of the relationship that needs some tweaking.

In this episode, we are sharing how we suggest to best help identify your working styles between each other and we talk about what our own working styles are and how we have figured out how to make them work. Mind you we have been working together for over 7 years together in some capacity and know each other extremely well at this point. These weren’t just things that clicked over time. It takes hard and diligent work and self-reflection to know your partner and your own working style. But once you do there is a way you usually can find an optimal way to get the most done, communicate clearly, and keep your business and personal relationship intact if not better than it was before you started.

We also have two really awesome questions this week that we are excited about answering as well so don’t miss them.

If you have any thoughts on the questions or any questions about this topic specifically leave in the comments below so we can chat with you guys about them.

Our next episode will be on October 17th and we will be talking about when it may NOT be right to work together. Scary truth segment is ahead…eek. It will include some honest conversations about past experiences we have had where partnerships didn’t make sense and how that is okay.

We also are building out our content calendar for the series for the next year, we have tons of ideas, but this series is really for you guys so we want to know what specifically you want to hear from us. So leave that in the comments below as well!


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