Working Together Ep. 10: How to Work and Travel Together

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We get asked so often about how we make it work traveling and working together. In this episode, we are talking all about it from how we got the jobs that took us places to how to get more of them and how we made it actually work to travel all over together. We even share how we kept up with clients while we were traveling so that even while we were working with one, we could still be present with another.

First of all, we discuss how to actually get these jobs. So how did we do this? Well you can get all the info in the video but basically we suggest a couple things:

  1. Get out and take a job whether paid, self-created, or not paid at all
  2. Show the trip and the work you completed so people can know that you do this and do it well
  3. Continue to take jobs whether paid or unpaid till you have built a visible presence that this is something you do.

While out and on the road or half way around the world we use a few pieces of equipment to make it work really well for us. Some we mention in the video, but here are a few additional you might find helpful as well:

  • iPad with SIM card (international use especially)
  • Great backpacks to hold gear and pad it well
  • Camera with lens
  • Hard drives to work remote from (holding things you are currently working on in case you cannot connect to the cloud)
  • Power strip for working in the car
  • iPhone with HotSpot availability (great for in the car and working on the road)

Finally, if you are going to be traveling and working do you all you can to enjoy it. It is a serious gift to have the chance to do that kind of work. Being paid (hopefully or at least getting a free trip) and seeing the world is an AMAZING thing. Even if it is to a new city within your own country. Make the most of it. Here is how we suggest doing that:

  1. Split time 50/50 on touring and working
  2. Experience moments more than sleep cause you can always catch up later
  3. Get a credit card for your business that gives you travel miles.
  4. Line up work time with clients
  5. Self-Market yourself well from start to finish

There is lots more in the video so don’t miss it, but if you have extra questions or want to hear more stories. We will be on Facebook Live on our Facebook page from 8 PM till 8:30 PM EST answering questions in live time and telling stories from our own work/travels. We would love to hear from you or at least have you join. You can also check our page later for the 30-minute live video if you cannot make it from 8-8:30 PM EST. We figured this would be a fun way to extend the conversation amongst the community and hear even some stories from you guys. So we hope you will join us!

In two weeks on November 14th we are going to talk about The Importance of Paying it Forward in Business. We love this topic and as we continue this series we want to start talking more and more about what has worked for our business and what hasn’t. We would love to hear other topics you guys would like us to talk about. Please leave them in the comments below.

As always if you want to follow all of our Working Together videos you can find them here on our Youtube page.

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