Working Together Ep. 5 | Balance The Workload

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We have been pretty excited about shooting this episode today because we are shooting in one of our favorite places. We currently are in Northport, Michigan with two other couples taking a little time together to celebrate making it through the first half of the first year of being parents. We are staying in a sweet little farmhouse and enjoying the time here thoroughly, if you haven’t seen on our Instagram.

This episode is also a really exciting on even without thinking about the location. We are discussing how we balance the workload between the two of us. It has taken over 4 years to realize what our strengths and weaknesses are as individuals so we knew where we could naturally meld together. We are talking about the importance of our personalities types and even what would happen to our business if anything were to happen to our relationship.

We had great questions from Christopher of Made Wild and Jacqueline Traub. So appreciate your awesome thoughtful questions and hope that this week we were able to really answer them for you guys.

In two weeks, September 5th, we will be talking about How We Maintain Balance of Our Work and Personal Life in our Relationship. We know this is a big one when working together and plan to address this over and over, but we would love questions you have about this specifically. We already have one we are excited about, but would love two others from you guys. We think this is a huge topic for most couples or people thinking about starting a business with someone they live with and love.

Excited to hear your questions and check back in with us in two weeks for our next episode!

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The Farmhouse we are Staying at that is rentable
Get Your Personality Type


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