Working Together Ep. 03 | Going Full Time Together

This week on our 3rd episode of Working Together we are talking about how to go full time together. One of the biggest questions we get asked is how we actually made the leap together and what tips we would give other couples looking to do the same. This week we address all of that with our most recent episode.

We shot this week in Traverse City, Michigan after spending the past two weeks in the area spending time with friends and doing some work in the area. It was very hot and warm but we enjoyed being close to people we love and getting to catch up with so many of them.

In this episode, we had the chance to answer our first question, which was from Marybeth of Rosemary Wild. Her question was:

“Have either of you ever had a “corporate job” or dependable monthly income stream not dependent on your own business? And if so, how did you make the leap from the security that comes from a regular paycheck to the unknown cash flow of a start-up?”

Next week we will be talking about how we are managing a business and a baby. We currently have a couple questions lined up but we know this is a hot topic so feel free to leave a question below if you would like us to answer it!

We also wanted to give a big thanks to everyone for their suggestions on improvements such as audio and our hashtag. The wind was a bit much last week, but no worries, we got some tips from Mike’s brother who is an audio engineer and we picked up this microphone with a windshield. We updated our hashtag to #workingtogethertfe so you can follow it more easily and clearly. Seriously appreciate the recommendations! You guys rock!!

Our next episode will be on August 8th! Cannot wait to hear from you guys about what questions you would like answered even if they don’t pertain to this topic. You can leave it in the comments below or you can shoot us an email.

Hope you guys have an awesome Monday!

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4 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness! This video was amazing! I loved watching it and just feeling to get to know you better! I just recently went full time and I can relate to so much of what you have to say about going full time! It was a leap but I am so thankful I made it!

  2. Great series! Thanks for sharing. You two come across so natural on camera.

    I’d be interested in knowing about balancing the different ways to share sponsored content. I myself am planning a travelblog and I am at a loss. I hate the sponsored posts that are solely product/shop based and avoid reading them. What catches my attention is when you guys present your design work for your clients, house tours or simple evenings. When there is design and a story I am in (and loving it).

    In a nutshell: How do you balance the different ways to go about sponsored posts? When do you decide to “just” post a brand/shop/product and when do you try to create a storyline around it? Is there a considerable difference in the (financial and/or clickbased) success of these kind of posts? (maybe my strong oppinions are isolated and purely my own – not shared by most people – and therefor irrelevant?)

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. I love this series! Especially this episode. I’d be interested in your process of telling your own story. I know for a while you kept the personal Fresh exchange and the professional wild measure separate, but now that it’s all together, how do you find the personal story that stands as tall as the professional?

    We’re videographers, our whole job is telling other people’s stories, but we struggle putting our own out there. That personal/brand/lifestyle curation is so intimidating.

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