Working Together Ep. 09 | When NOT to Work Together

For a long time, Mike and I fought not to work together. We even said when we got married we would never do it. It sounds silly now when you see us creating a video series about working together, but it is very real. We were freaked out by the idea of working together. It was around the 3rd year of marriage where we finally took the plunge, but it was after lots of separate experiences in other partnerships with friends and even just working on our own that we realized it was the right decision for us.

Many of you have asked us about how to know when to work together, but we think the better thing to know is when NOT to work together. In today’s video, we are talking about this exact thing. We are sharing different things that should be warning signs you shouldn’t be sharing a business together, which as a result should begin to help you know if you SHOULD work together.

Our next episode will be in two weeks on October 31st (no there won’t be any costumes!) and we will be talking about how to work together and travel together at the same time. If you have specific questions PLEASE let us know.

Also, the survey you guys all filled out over the weekend has been SO helpful!! Thank you!!! If you haven’t filled it out. Make sure you do so here. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. My husband and i have different and always strong opinions, and where pretty sure we wouldn’t work well together. However, we make the best team! Things work out like magic sometimes ahha

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