5 Ways to Have A Spring-like Weekend

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Create a Spring-Like Weekend | The Fresh Exchange

This is the time of the winter where it gets a little rough, don’t you agree? In North Carolina we go through spurts of real cold and then nice warm days. It is like getting spurts of Spring but you never want to put away your jacket just yet. Though the birds believe even on chilly days it is Spring, we all know better. So to make your weekend a little brighter and less chilly here are five suggestions to get you in a chipper and more spring-like mood.

  1. Find the sunniest corner in the house and read a book or be creative:
    Both the vitamin D and the quiet of either creating or reading will raise your mood. It is guaranteed. There is nothing a little sunshine even on a chilly day cannot fix. Who knows it may even get warm enough for you to wear t-shirt again
  2. Organize something:
    So it isn’t sunny, don’t worry. To bring on the feeling of fresh and new it can be really comforting to find drawers or things that need organizing. Letting go of the old can be a refreshing and welcomed feeling of lightening in your life. Less is always better, isn’t it?
  3. Plan a brunch with friends:
    Keep it simple, but have everyone bring something fun to eat and you provide the mimosa or bloody bar for the crew. Sometimes just gathering with those you love can make the dreary days of winter feel a little more light and happy.
  4. Conquer a DIY:
    If you are a non-DIYer choose something simple, but we all have a Pinterest boards full of things that sound cool to make. The feeling of making and accomplishing something can leave you bright and cheery especially if you don’t want to go out that weekend.
  5. Refresh Your Space:
    Choose a room or corner of your home or apartment and give it a little makeover even if it is just rearranging the furniture and bringing some things from one room to another. Mixing things up can bring on a feeling of renewal.

What ways do you help make this time of year more exciting and fresh feeling?

Have a great weekend friends!!

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