31 Fun & Creative Kids Playroom Ideas

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Having a safe and fun place for kids playroom ideas to play can be essential to productive and positive child-rearing. However, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with ideas to add to a playroom.

best kids playroom ideas

That’s where these kid playroom ideas come into play – no pun intended. With a touch of creativity, a playroom goes from being just a room with toys to your child’s favorite room in the entire house. Beyond Measure Boards is an amazing company in Calgary that has the cutest acrylic boards for your kids and your family.  

31 Fun & Creative Kids Playroom Ideas

1. Paint with Bright Colors

Colorful Textures & Patterns

You can’t have list for kids playroom ideas without including colors, as they are so important for neurodevelopment in babies and children. So why not make the place where they play bold, bright, and colorful? Their favorite movies or ideas can also come to life by making a themed room.

Plus, colors can cover or be painted over wall smudges and imperfections which not only brighten up the room but also fix it up, too. Win-win. 

2. Install Easy-to-Clean Flooring

Premium Baby Play Mat - Cushion Floor Foam Mat for Infants Kids Kindergarten – Waterproof, Easy to Clean, Soft and Thick – Non Toxic, Reversible (90" x 55", Daily Diamond)

Kids are messy and they’re known for it. Luckily, there are actions you can take to make cleaning up that mess a little easier. For example, having easy-to-clean flooring; such as tiles, foam flooring, and fake wood. 

If you don’t feel like replacing the flooring, try using mats and floor pillows which can be tossed in a basket or closet when they’re not in use. Plus, they make for great movie night setups! 

3. Decorate with Wall Decals

2-inch Polka Dot Wall Decals For Girls Bedroom Featuring 150 Boho Rainbow Wall Decal Stickers for Wall | Perfect For Boho Nursery and Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor | These Peel and Stick Dots For Walls are a great alternative to Wallpaper

Making a space as individualized and unique as your child is a great way to make them feel more like their playroom is their place. 

Using art such as motivational words, pretty animals or princesses, or a mural of their favorite things can really help to make a kid-friendly and energized space for them to play in. 

Plus, there are a variety of sticky wall decals you can buy online (paint and wallpaper safe), temporary wallpaper itself, as well as a lot of DIY ideas to make it customizable.

4. Create a Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard Wall Sticker Wall Decal Blackboard Wallpaper Large Chalkboard Contact Paper Roll KDG Self Adhesive DIY Reusable Erasable Chalkboard Stickers

Chalkboards are fantastic to play with, so imagine having an entire wall of chalkboard to play with (or study with). Finding a piece of a chalkboard that is big enough for a wall can be difficult to find so if it is, try painting a wall with chalkboard paint or using a peel-and-stick chalkboard instead. 

5. Add Toy Cubbies

Stackable Wooden 3 Bin Open Storage Toy Organizing Cubby

Toy cubbies are fantastic because they can utilize both horizontal and vertical space. Plus, it gives kids the chance to show off their favorite toys while also having easy access to playsets, games such as w88 online in thailand, and books without having to climb up high on furniture, scrummage through closets, or have a continual mess in their room. 

6. Incorporate Cute Storage Bins

Set of 6 Basket Bins- EZOWare Collapsible Storage Organizer Boxes Cube For Nursery Home - Pale Dogwood

Storage bins are the best because they make it easy to sort and organize toys and playrooms with labeling, colors, or just simple organization techniques. Plus, they can be super cute and themed such as with patterned totes or wicker baskets.  

7. Build Decorative Shelves

Set of 3 Self Adhesive Metal Floating Shelves Wall Mounted, Macaron colorful Iron Decorative Cloud Shape Shelf for Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Kids Room, for Book Picture Frame Display Storage

Shelves are great for storage and decoration all in one. From bookcases (or tree bookcases against the wall) to free-standing shelves to floating shelves, they’re all great forms of decorating and storing toys, books, and games in an easy yet accessible way. Self storage units from Boombox Storage can be a convenient, affordable solution whenever you need to keep your belongings between the seasons, see it here.

8. Set Up Cabinets

Rotating Bookshelf 360 Display Floor Standing Bookcase Storage Rack for Kids Children's Bookshelf, Book Display Stand, Wood Book Shelf Organizer for Kids, Storage Book Display Case Bookrack

Cabinets are great because while they can store a lot, they also hide a lot – especially a lot of ugly mess. Playroom cabinets can be used to store and organize a lot of things that might be too small for big storage boxes or used too frequently to hide away in the closet such as craft supplies, books, games, and toys. 

9. Include Tables for Crafts

Wildkin Kids Arts and Crafts Table Set for Boys and Girls, Mid Century Modern Design Craft Table Includes Two Stools, Paper and Storage Cubbies Underneath Helps Keep Art Supplies Organized (White)

Crafts are where it’s at when it comes to kids having fun…but also making a giant mess. To avoid a lot of that mess, have a table available for crafts, puzzles, and playing with racetracks. Plus, if snack time is held there it also saves the floor from the mess of crumbs and spills (hopefully). 

10. Add Comfy Seating

Butterfly Craze Purple Flower Floor Pillow Seating Cushion - Cute Room Decor for Girls, Teens, Tweens & Toddlers - Flower Pillow for Reading and Lounging Comfy Pillow for Kids - Med 20" Diameter

Being comfortable is crucial to feeling good in a space. It’s easy to make any space feel more comfortable with comfy seating options such as a fur rug, a bean bag, big floor cushions, or large stuffed animals with whom to cuddle and lean against. 

11. Integrate Furniture with Storage

KidKraft Mid-Century Kid Upholstered Reading Chair & Ottoman with Storage, Furniture for Kids, Gift for Ages 3-6 , Grey

Not much gets better when you have two-in-one furniture storage options. For example, ottomans, benches, and under-bed drawers make for great furniture while also being usable for storage with toys, games, or stuffed animals.

12. Create a “Nap Time” Space

Eanpet Sleeping Bag Kids Toddler Nursery Cotton Quilted Slumber Bag Blue Nap Mat Sleep Blanket Soft Warm Boy Spaceman Printed Sleeping Sack Travel Sleepovers Astronauts with Pillow

Putting kids down for naptime can be a full-time job all on its own. However, if kids have a designated, comfortable space where they know they nap every time, it might help them fall asleep easier and faster. 

By adding a simple daybed or perhaps a large pillow or beanie bag with blankets and pillows, it makes it easy for anyone (maybe not just the child) to want to fall asleep mid-afternoon after a day of play.

13. Display Kids Artwork

You Have Space 2 Pack Hanging Picture Display Photo Holders with Metal Cable Strings and 40 Magnetic Clips Metal Black

A child’s artwork is so important to be displayed for their growth and why not display it in their own room or playroom to show off their masterpieces? 

It’s easy to do by taking a few frames and having some hooks or nails to hand the frames on. Another idea (more budget-friendly) is to have a clothesline and use small wooden clothespins to hang the pictures off of. A plus of the second option is that it’s easier to change out new artwork, too. 

14. Create a Mini Stage

Alvantor Lemonade Stand Puppet Show Theater Pretend Playhouse Play Tent Kids on Stage Doorway Table Top Sets for Toddlers Curtain Fordable Rods Children Dramatic Furniture, 28"X20"X41"H, Yellow,8032

Let them show off their creative side by making an intricate yet low-cost DIY stage… you just need drapery panels, drywall anchors, and some lumber. 

To make an easier option, you could just use a shower rod in the corner of the room and hang some cute curtains off of it to make a stage curtain. If you need threaded silicon Bronze Rod, you may visit a helpful site like fairwindfasteners.com for more info!

15. Put Together a Dress-Up Corner

Teamson Kids Fashion Polka Dot Prints Bella Toy Dress Up Unit - Pink / White

Playing dress-up is such a favorite activity for kids. Why not make it even easier to do? 

Just take an open corner in the playroom and add a metal hanging rack (or shower rod), some hooks, baskets, and a mirror to let their imagination take them away to faraway lands. 

16. Suspend a Swing

Playzone-fit Kidtrix Doorway Swing Kit - Fun Indoor Doorway Swing for Kids - Includes Classic Swing Seat - Weight Limit 150 lbs. - Recommended Ages 3+ Years

While the park and front yard are fun, it’s hard to beat swinging inside your own home – rain or shine! If you have the space, it’s really simple to DIY an indoor swing – all you need is a sturdy board (for the seat), rope, and industrial hooks. 

17. Toss in a Ball Pit

Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent for Kids - 6-Sided Ball Pit for Kids Toddlers and Baby - Fill with Plastic Balls (Balls Not Included) or Use As an Indoor / Outdoor Play Tent Great Gift Idea

Ball pits are so fun but can be dangerous and germ-filled places. Why not take that danger and germ infestation away from kids and make your own ball pit by taking a baby pool and some plastic balls. This is a great playroom idea since it can be color coordinated, themed to the room, and can be upgraded and enlarged as kids grow. 

18. Add a Cozy Fort

Power Your Fun Fun Forts Kids Tent for Kids - 81 Pack Fort Building STEM Toys Kit, Construction Toys Play Tent Indoor and Outdoor Playhouse for Kids with 53 Rods and 28 Spheres (Red, Blue)

Forts are fun, but they tend to take up all of the pillows and blankets in the house… as well as hog the couch in the TV room and make a mess to clean up after. 

Why not make a designated fort area where kids can hide away? Themed forts are fun such as pirate ships, castles, or treehouses. Plus, blankets and pillows can be bought or designated to match the theme of the cozy fort. 

19. Build a Playhouse Under Stairs

Rather than using that crawl space under the stairs for storage (or hollow out your stairs below), why not use it as a neat hide away playroom for kids. 

In this regard, the playroom doesn’t take up an entire room – which you may not have available to dedicate to a playroom anyway. Instead, it provides a kid-friendly retreat that is also easily supervised and extra cozy. 

20. Invest in a Slide

Little Tikes Light-Up First Slide for Kids Indoors/Outdoors

Nothing says “fun” like a slide, its ridiculous not to add this to our kids playroom ideas. Investing in or DIYing your own slide (inside the playroom or outside) will have kids screaming for fun and also be a great way to get out some excess energy – especially if the slide has stairs to reach it. 

21. Give Your Kids a Reading Nook

KidKraft Wooden Bookcase with Reading Nook, Storage and Gray Cushion, White, Gift for Ages 3-8

Literacy is one of the most crucial things to guide a child in that investing in creating a reading nook offers your child a chance to have a comfortable environment in which to lead themselves in their own literacy journey. 

22. Add a Chalkboard

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel - Dry-Erase Board, Chalkboard, Paper Roller

Chalkboards are the coolest thing because they erase, come in different colors, and are incredibly fun to draw on. Plus, they can color and draw without ruining the furniture and walls, and it’s environmentally friendly since you aren’t using paper. 

23. Create a Home Gym

Avenlur Indoor Playground Jungle Gym Kids, Toddlers Wooden Climber Playset 6-in-1 Slide, Rock Climb Wall, Rope Wall Climbing, Monkey Bars, Swing, Ladder Fun Activity Center for Children Ages 2 - 6yrs

Kids are full of energy and going to the playground isn’t always feasible so what’s better than letting all of that energy out in a safe environment in your own home? 

Creating a home gym for kids is an ambitious DIY project, but definitely worth the energy and effort. 

One of the major ideas to do is an indoor climbing wall since it has a small impact on the house (just needs a wall) and offers kids a place to burn off energy and play without taking up too much space. 

24. Treehouse Inspired

HearthSong Big Indoor Tree Fort Build-A-Fort Kit with Four Working Windows and Door, 7'H x 58" diam., with Sturdy Cardboard Pieces and Hook and Loop Tape

This kids playroom ideas list wouldn’t be complete if a treehouse isn’t included! Treehouses are a lot of fun, but they aren’t always feasible. So why not make an indoor treehouse in the playroom with a faux tree to add an outdoorsy vibe so your kids can play in a treehouse, rain or shine? 

25. Attic Room

Attics don’t need to be used for storage or be a dusty old room you climb into just a few times a year when you need something and you can also add blinds from sites like NewBlinds.co.uk to make a more cozy room for the kids. Rather, they can be used as a playroom for kids, and depending on the shape of the attic it can be DIY’d to be a myriad of things such as a real-life castle, a treehouse, or a pirate ship. 

26. Balcony Teepee

Sumbababy Kids Teepee Tent for Kids, Kids Play Tent for Girls & Boys, Gifts Playhouse for Kids Indoor Outdoor Games, Kids Toys House for Baby with Colored Flag & Feathers & Carry Case

There isn’t always room for a playroom or a fort – especially in smaller apartments. However, a small apartment balcony is all you need to make this easy DIY teepee balcony fort. 

It just requires a blackboard (painted cardboard works) to cover the railing and give privacy as well as provide a place to draw and write on. Plus, a bathmat or thick blanket to sit on and a sheet to create the teepee aspect. 

27. Transitional and Stylish

Keeping it traditional while also staying in style might mean having colorful carpet and small, child-sized furniture around the room to make it bright and cozy for kids playing in the room. 

28. Bunk Bed

Merax Solid Wood Bunk Bed with Ladder, No Box Spring Needed, Twin, Gray

Awesome bunk beds are maybe the best beds for kids – especially in small homes where space is sacred. These bunk beds can serve as not only a great place to sleep up high, but also as a great place to play – more floor room for games and fun. A fantastic two-in-one and a space saver!

29. Circus-Inspired

Role Play Kids’ Deluxe Circus Tent Playhouse, Premium Indoor & Outdoor Play Tent, Pretend Play, 100% Cotton Canvas, Plush Juggling Pins Included, Photo Booth Wall, Imagination, Creativity, Ages 3+

While clowns can be scary, the circus is fun. If you don’t have space for a separate playroom from the bedroom, try combining the ideas and making the bedroom a themed circus room with stuffed animals and fun patterns everywhere. 

30. Pint-Size

If you live in a small place without an extra room, no attic, and no crawl space under the stairs, try taking a small nook in the house and making it a playroom for the kids. Even though the playroom isn’t a gigantic room dedicated solely to the kids, this smaller playroom can still be loads of tiny fun. 

31. World Map

Murwall Kids Wallpaper Blue World Map Wall Mural Cartoon Animal Wall Print Nursery Wall Decor Childroom Play Room Bedroom

There are many reasons to have a world map on the wall as kids grow up since it teaches not only geography but themed world maps can also help kids understand where different animals come from, languages, or even stories throughout history. 

Wrap Up…

This kids playroom ideas can make your child enjoy their childhood. Having a great place to play means the world to a kid and their development and decorations don’t need to be complex and difficult. This kids playroom ideas list makes decorating playrooms easy and fun for the whole family.

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