Best DIY Plant Stand Ideas in 2021

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We have gathered up some of the best DIY plant stand ideas to get you inspired to create something from home for your plants this winter. Most of these ideas can be made from materials you have in your home making them extremely simple and beautiful.

As we bring our plants indoors and prepare for winter, we may be looking for quick and easy diy plant stand ideas. Using a plant stand is a great way to create varying heights and positions for your plants to gain access to light while creating visual interest in your home. These ideas will be sure to give you a sense of some great DIY’s to bring interest into your home for your favorite plants.

Most of these DIY plant stand ideas use items we have around our house that you can reuse. Maybe you have scrap wood left over from another project or you decided to not use your tomato cage for tomatoes anymore. Either way, this may be the perfect way to support and create a beautiful indoor garden through these DIY ideas

Modern Cube Planter

source: Remodelaholic:
This all wood plant stand is awesome because she shows a few different ways to customize the design to fit your style. Using just some simple items you can make this for under $20 or less if you use scrap wood.

Tomato Cage Plant Stand

source: Martha Stewart
This awesome plant stand idea uses your tomato cages to be the support for your plants. You can spray them any color you would like and so you now found a way to make use of those tomato cages I told you that were never intended to be used with tomatoes.

DIY Copper Pipe Plant Stand

source DIY In PDX
Plumbing pipes are great things to use for DIY plant stands. You can easily shape them however you want or to any size. This DIY shows you how to do it in the simplest way possible to create a great plant stand.

DIY Gold Legged Mid Century Plant Stand

source: Sugar and Cloth
These DIY plant stands are the perfect design for the mid-century modern lover. Using vintage legs this look is perfect for the vintage enthusiast.

DIY Round Copper Plant Stand

source Darling Darlene
Another great copper piping plant stand option, but this one is rounded. Use it to hold different size pots at different heights without an issue. The piping can also be painted to be any color if copper isn’t your thing.

Raw Wood Plant Stand Stool

source: Lily Ardor
This DIY looks like many vintage stools but uses materials you can find at most craft and hardware stores for just a small amount. Easy to paint or add your own touch to, these DIY plant stands are one of my favorite DIYs on this list.

DIY Mid Century Plant Stand

source: Burkatron:
This DIY involves some simple cuts to make a truly high-end looking modern plant stand. You can adjust the height and size with a little bit of work, but even as a low plant stand it is so lovely.

DIY Woven Plant Stand

source: Burkatron:
This DIY involves some simple cuts to make a truly high-end looking modern plant stand. You can adjust the height and size with a little bit of work, but even as a low plant stand it is so lovely. 

DIY Woven Plant Stand

source: Sarah Sherman Samuel
These plant stands show how you can take something you may find not ideal and make it really top notch. This is a low amount of effort in to create a really unique and special plant stand for your home.

Copper and Wood Plant Stand

source:  Live Free Creative
This plant stand is super simple and funky and would be easy for just about anyone to make at home. Once again using some pretty copper piping parts you can create a really special and unique plant stand.

DIY Plant Stand Ladder

source: The Merry Thought
If you have a lot of plants you want to add to your space, this may be the best DIY plant stand for you. The multiple layers allow you to have a grouping of plants at various heights depending on their needs.

$5 Bucket Stool

source:  Homemade Modern
The original stool concept for just $5 also makes a brilliant plant stand if you want one. The reason I love this one is the concrete is better to handle moisture compared to wood. It is so easy to make and really beautiful for almost any home style. 

DIY Modern Plant Stand

source: A Beautiful Mess
I love this super simple and practical DIY to create a little plant stand to layer throughout your home. You can easily make them different heights to create a layered look with your plants in your home.

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