Adding Spring Hues to Your Home + A New Edit

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Adding Spring Hues to your Home this spring. The Fresh Exchange
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As the days are becoming brighter it is only natural that we want to bring the same life into our spaces. Through the winter we tend to want to layer on furry blankets and cozy items, but as the days become brighter and brighter it only feels right to add in a few items that bring the same kind of life to our decor in our home.

I usually pick up an item or two every season that I feel brings that season to life in our space. Maybe it is a new watering can, a new book, or if I get real crazy a new chair. So, to get you inspired this weekend to bring spring into your space, I collected items for a new Edit in our shop full of bright and airy items for your home that will bring in beautiful spring hues.

The collection contains everything from plates to outdoor chairs to planters. Sometimes we just need a few fresh new items to bring new life to our space especially if you are planning to reorganize your open shelves this weekend.

Adding Spring Hues to your Home this spring. The Fresh Exchange

Click here to check out the full edit. I would love to hear how you guys are adding spring into your home? Are you refreshing your space in a new way this season?

We have a lot of exciting things ahead for the last week of March as we begin to move into April. So we will see you Monday as we talk about where spring is the most vibrant and alive in the world just in time to get that travel bug in you! Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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