Best Antique Stores in Michigan in 2021

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Michigan is known for its history in cars and furniture making. Though you wouldn’t think of Michigan as a state full of great design right off the bat, I can promise you it is. To prove that, here are the best antique stores in Michigan to visit. 

Most of my life I have spent at estate sales, antique stores, and old book stores. The smells are unique and they bring back memories. In fact one of my favorite things to do when I am traveling is to stop into antique stores because a great antique store will tell a story about that area. The old items may tell you of the history of those who have lived there or the work they did to build a town. Nonetheless, visiting antique stores when traveling in Michigan is a great way to get to know many areas that much better. I also love browsing local shops like this amazing Petworth antiques shop in the UK (I visited recently on a holiday) as you can find such wonderful and exciting items in shops like those.

Below I have gathered up some of the best antique stores in Michigan as well as some great shows and events you may not want to miss during your travels.

Antique Stores and Malls

Wilson Antiques

This is without a doubt my top pick for antiquing in Northern Michigan. This location in downtown Traverse City has 4 floors and 2 mezzanines of product to explore. The clothing sections are outstanding as are the records and old post cards. The ever rotating spaces are absolutely artfully curated to various styles from Mid Century to classic Americana. This is one of my favorite places to wander on an afternoon when it is raining in downtown Traverse City.

Address:123 S. Union Street,
Traverse City, Mi 49684
Contact Info: (231) 946-4177
Visit Their Website for more information

Antiquities Warehouse

If you are looking for unique large items for your home this spot in the warehouse district of Traverse City is your top stop. They have plenty of smaller items as well, but this place has antique doors and furniture that is sturdy and ready to be given another life. The space is highly curated and can also be checked out on their website. I highly suggest stopping in for a look if you need something unique for your home.

Address: 229 Garland St.
Traverse City, MI 49684
Contact Info: 231-943-2121
Visit Their Website for more information

West Michigan Antique Mall

This antique mall is located between Traverse City and Grand Rapids area. With over 12,000 sq ft of space it is a massive mall of antiques with vendors and booths to wander through for some of the best selection of items along the coast near Grand Rapids. Focused on highly collectible items, this is perfect for the person looking for collectible items of all kinds.

Address: 13279 168th Ave
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Contact Info: (616) 842-0370
Visit Their Website for more information

Bay Antique Center

This is one of the largest antique malls in Michigan with over 60,000 sq ft of space and over 100 qualified dealers. This is the top notch place to slip away to find some of the best antiques in the state. You will experience the unique chance to shop a whole city block of antiques in this huge mall with some of the best antiques in Michigan. They carry everything you can imagine from antique furniture to lamps to dolls to primitives to nautical items as well. There is a little something for everyone at this amazing Antique Center.

Address: 1010 N. Water Bay City, MI 48708
Contact Info: 989-894-0400
Visit Their Website for more information

Detroit Antique Mall

This place is perfect for the person looking for unique hardware, lighting, and fixtures for a home. There is a lot of hardware and lighting. There is also quite a bit of vintage MCM items that they carry at this location in an old brick building. It is classically Detroit in every way and boasts over 12,000sq ft of space with multiple dealers to offer all the variety possible.

Address: 828 W. Fisher Fwy,
Detroit, MI 48201
Contact Info: (313) 963-5252
Visit Their Website for more information

Lost and Found GR

This vintage and antique furniture focused antique store is a not miss in the Grand Rapids area. Grand Rapids has a deep history in the furniture industry particularly during the Mid Century modern area. That means that you will find plenty of pieces from this area in this store. If you are looking for vintage and unique furniture for your home, this is a must visit!

Address: 445-499 Century Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Contact Info: 
(616) 732-3401
Visit Their Website for more information


Utica Antique Market – Fair Event Held In Spring and Fall

This market is a huge draw two times a year in southern Michigan and is not to be missed if you are looking for some of the best antique dealers in the United States. It is a 100% outdoor show and market full of incredible dealers. The fee to enter is $5 for a day. There are over 100 dealers at the market with qualified antiques. 

Address: 11541 21 Mile Rd, Shelby Township, MI 48315
Contact Info: 586.254.3495
Visit Their Website for more information

Midland Antique Festival – Fair Event held in twice a year

Over a 1,000 antique dealers set up at this event at the Midland County Fairgrounds. The admission is $10 to enter for one day. This antique event has been held for over 50 years and hosts the largest running car show in Michigan. This is also one of the largest swap meets in Michigan as well. Swap meets are where you come and trade items with other people of all kinds.  

Address: 6905 Eastman Ave., Midland, MI
Contact Info: 989-687-9001
Visit Their Website for more information

Petoskey Antique Show – Fair Event held in July and August

Held at the Emmet County FairGrounds, this antique store is one of the best in Northern Michigan. With over 140 qualified vendors selling antiques you won’t miss this amazing show. The cost of admission is $10 to enjoy the show for one day. Antique dealers come from all over the United States to share their best antiques in Michigan at one spot. 

Address: 1129 Charlevoix Avenue, Petoskey, Michigan 49770
Contact Info: 231.313.4424
Visit Their Website for more information


Visiting the best antique stores in Michigan is an awesome way to get to know the towns and places you are visiting. The owners know plenty of amazing history of the area and you can discover unique gifts and things during your visit to help you remember the trip you just experienced. 

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