Colored Kitchen Cabinets

Colored Kitchen Cabinets | The Fresh Exchange

Okay, let’s chat about colored kitchen cabinets. I have always been a white or wood type of girl when it comes to my kitchen cabinets. When we went to update our kitchen cabinets, I instantly thought we should do white, but then I began questioning my decision. It sounds funny, but I then proceeded to head to Home Depot and nab about 40 colors and placed them all over in our kitchen to figure out if a color would make sense. Granted the colors were more like gray, black, dark gray green, and a blue tone so they were still quite neutral, but none the less it was color.

Colored Kitchen Cabinets | The Fresh Exchange

Colored Kitchen Cabinets | The Fresh Exchange

Obviously, I ultimately chose white because the color decision was too much on my pregnancy brain, but I have still been so in love with how colored cabinets look in the right space.

Colored Kitchen Cabinets | The Fresh Exchange

So I gathered up some favorites and would love to hear your opinion today! Have you done a color cabinet? What was your feelings? Have you gotten bored of it? Sounds so silly, but the getting bored of it is a big reason I just stuck with white.

Colored Kitchen Cabinets | The Fresh Exchange

So let’s hear it, what are your thoughts?!

Images above from:
Sea Foam Cabinets  |  Deep Green Cabinets  |  Gray Cabinets  |  Blueish Black Cabinets  |  Cream Cabinets

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7 Responses

  1. I’ve always felt like when I have my own kitchen, I would go for the full white cabinets. They seem so classic yet modern—simple. But I’ve fallen in love with the white cabinets on top and colored on the bottom. It’s all about balance, right? 🙂 I love the thought of a light grey or A lighter earthy color to bring some more dimension into the space.

  2. I am really liking the forest green or the navy. I love dark jewel tones. I’m going to look into this when I nab my own house in a few years (HOPEFULLY)

  3. I”m a fan of white cupboards! (BUt then again, I love white full stop). BUt I’m definitely open to a coloured cabinet, and especially in muted tones like these greys, greens and blues. So long as the paint job is good, and the cabinet handles are the right colour/material, I’m sure a coloured cabinet would look awesome. 🙂

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