Dreaming of a Cabin

Dreaming of Cabins | The Fresh Exchange

This time of year we always dream of one day having a small cabin. I am talking about a tiny place about 800 sq ft that is minimal but still well loved and lived in. I basically spend every day swooning over this instagram account thinking about one day having a little place of our own to escape too.

Dreaming of Cabins | The Fresh Exchange

Dreaming of Cabins | The Fresh Exchange

Dreaming of Cabins | The Fresh Exchange

Dreaming of Cabins | The Fresh Exchange

For now, I will just keep dreaming and hoping and pinning on this board.

Do you every dream of having a place like this?! What would it look like? Where would you have it…in the woods, by the water?

Image sources: Cabin 1   |  Cabin 2  |  Cabin 3  |  Cabin 4  |  Cabin 5

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9 Responses

  1. I think you should come and visit our cabin!! It’s on my instagram account (and It would be dreamy to meet you and the fam one day!)

    Here’s a quick peak (along side the treehouse and airstream)

    http://www.instagram.com/lynneknowlton or on my blog DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE BY LYNNE KNOWLTON.



  2. We bought a farmhouse in Leelanau about 4 years ago and we are (slowllllly) renovating and rehabbing. It’s not a full time place–it’s a cabin of sorts–but let me just say that it is truly a labor of love. It definitely isn’t for everyone. There are many conversations that focus around questions like, “What have we gotten ourselves into?” and “When is this ever going to be finished so we can just relax up here, rather than working all the time?” A few fits, a few tears, a few successes, a few total surprises–keeps us young, right? Plus, I think most of our friends at this point think we are insane, and we probably are, but there is nothing better than a long day of renovation, jumping in the lake and beers by the fire afterwards. When you guys are in Leelanau this summer, feel free to roll by–m22 a mile north of Empire.

  3. Yes! I dream about this all the time. I’d have a little lake house on a cabin in main, super minimal but super cute and charming and right on the water. we’d leave behind all technology and just swim and bask in the sun all day. one day, one day…

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