Garden: A Microgreen Grower from Ikea


As the cooler months are approaching I am dreaming up ways to preserve the wonderful bounty of spring and summer. This last week I came across this amazing little item from Ikea on Gardenista and I just had to share.

Easily Grow Microgreens | The Fresh Exchange

I know many of you love to eat healthy and serve up beautiful dishes. One our favorite things to keep around are microgreens. They not only offer a high amount of condensed nutrients but they look beautiful on salads and topping nearly any dish. Nothing says spring and summer to me more than those little greens. This little terra cotta grower is perfect for having an ever-ready source for these beautiful little details.

Easily Grow Microgreens | The Fresh Exchange

The best part is it is only $19.99. If you need more info on using one to grow microgreens check it out here. If you need some seeds to get started, these are the ones we are giving a try.

How many of you try to grow fresh produce during the winter months? Do you have a greenhouse or do you do it inside? Would love to hear!

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4 Responses

  1. I’m having a hard time imagining how this is supposed to work for micro greens. It looks like there’s a base that presumably holds water to provide humidity, two trays to grow seeds, and a lid.

    The listing at IKEA says it’s for bean sprouts, which are different and require different care than micro greens. Bean sprouts can be germinated without much light, but micro greens need *LOTS* of light. The article at Gargenista has a title implying it’s for micro greens, but comments from the designer say it’s for sprouts.

    This setup looks like it would be OK for germination, but not good for actually growing micro greens. The micro greens pictured in both trays are already cut, and I doubt they were grown in these trays.

    This looks like a really cool device for sprouted beans, and is a way prettier option than my recycled salad trays, but I just wanted to point out it’s probably not intended for micro greens.

    P.S. if capitalization is wonky here, it’s b/c the comment field showed my comment in all caps and I couldn’t actually see what I was capitalizing.

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