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You know what had been sounding really awesome lately? A weekend away. I am talking movies, cabin, lots of sleeping, hot tub, and fire places, home made pizza, and just spending time with friends. Yeah kind of sounds perfect. I have no plans of this in the near future, but it does sound like fun.

Instead this weekend will be fun in so many other ways. We have been planning a valentine style Simple Evening that has turned me in to a crafter (something I do not do often…if ever), a blues concert down town, a brunch to celebrate my girl friend, and a dinner with some new friends. It is jam packed, but unlike last weekend when all I wanted was to lay around in my pajamas and watch a movie. This weekend I am excited for all that is planned.

Before we kick off the weekend though i wanted to say thank you for all the support for the big announcements yesterday. It means a lot to hear all your sweet words of encouragement. Making these big changes has not been as easy as I actually thought they would be. So thank you!!! I cannot wait to be sharing more about the new business and how we have been working through this whole process. You all are amazing.

Cheers and I hope you enjoy some quiet time…maybe you will be lucky enough to have planned a getaway or pretend to have one if you get snowed in 😉


type and illustrations..done by me. You can purchase the print or iphone case version in the shop.

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