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Though it is currently February it feels just like spring the last few days in Northern Michigan. This weekend it was warm enough to be outside most of the day. The weather was amazing and at the end of it all we all walked in and smelled like the earth for the first time in months. I have always find out it interesting how every season has a scent to it. Winter there is the smell of snow, static, burning wood, evergreens, and cinnamon but in the spring we smell of dirt, the earth, rain, mint, and crisp air.

When we lived in the south, spring reminded us far more of our early summer here. Many days were in the 70’s and nearly perfect though heavy with rain and humidity. It seemed like overnight our yard would go from brown and dead to a lush rainforest of plants. Here though things take longer and those hurried warmups in North Carolina, though welcomed, also left me with less time to prepare for the season properly. Summer is one of my favorite seasons, but spring has so much to give though many times she can be trying, she is a true gift.

Next week we will touch more on this, but I just have been enjoying the earthy smells in our lives these warm days in late February that have felt like a wonderful welcomed change as of late.

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  1. This is such a lyrical way of putting it. Yes, spring brings out that wonderful smell of dirt, and new dirt being made from last year’s rotting leaves, which don’t stink at all for something that’s rotting.
    At the same time, this reminds me of a criticism a mom had of our kids’ kindergarten: she said, “he comes home clean. At that age, he should be dirty all the time!” I thought that was great.

  2. Spinrg is one of my favorite seasons as well. Ever since I studied abroad in Ireland during college and got to witness the flowers showing their buds through the still snowy ground, baby lambs being born, and the air smelling just heavenly. I don’t experience as much of that living in California, but I try and look out for the signs as much as possible and enjoy it nonetheless 🙂

  3. I have a bunch of relatives in upper Michigan. They have been sharing pics with me via facebook of your warm later winter/early spring as well. WE have been having the same here in northeast Colorado – but throw in some major winds. It has been much drier here this year than last, add that to the winds and you pray no one throws out a match. Hope we get some moisture soon – i love the smell of wet dirt! Thank you for sharing!!