Just 5: Spaghetti Sauce

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If you all are anything like me right now you are overrun with tomatoes. The first frost has come and you had to pull as many off the vines as possible so now what do you do with them? Simple, make spaghetti sauce. Making this spaghetti sauce is super simple, takes a little time, but you can freeze it, can it, add almost anything to it, or use as the base for a chili in the winter. Yeah it is kind of like a super sauce more than a spaghetti sauce. ha.

So begin gathering all your tomatoes cause (you can use cans too) we are about to get serious about making some yummy sauce.

20-30 tomatoes depending on the size
1 full glass of red wine (usually I use what may have been open for more than 2-3 days open not something fresh)
2 cloves garlic
1 medium onion
2-5 peppers of almost any kind you like

You can also add red pepper flakes, cayenne, paprika, garlic salt, ground beef, ground turkey, or my favorite eggplant sausage later if you so wish. I use this recipe as the base.

To get it going begin to cook the onions with the wine and peppers and garlic to make a nice little stew of flavors. While things are cooking begin to slice you tomatoes and add them as they are cut. Once everything is in let it stew and simmer and occasional stir the sauce. Let it reduce until it has a thicker consistency if you like it that way.

Once the sauce looks great (if it does not thicken you can always stir in some flour to thicken it up some) go ahead and put your noodles on. Drain and then serve. Simple and great dinner and awesome lunch leftovers.

You can make this ahead of time so you can easily fix it during a busy week, which I do quite often.

Next week we may be doing something a little sweeter. What do you think?

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