Just 5: Vegan Iced Coffee

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Just 5: Vegan Iced Coffee | The Fresh Exchange

Two weeks ago we shared how we prepare our coffee every morning. Mike brewed up some v60 coffee, which creates a clean, smooth, and great cup of coffee. Since we don’t drink a lot of coffee, we love having our cup be the best we can make, I mean why not? The one thing that always happens is there is a little bit leftover, especially if someone (most likely me) doesn’t enjoy her cup of coffee that morning. Since I am a non-dairy person (well, besides cheese and butter), I came up with a refreshing, simple recipe to make a great vegan iced coffee. It takes just a couple minutes, a good blender, and a desire to stay cool with just five ingredients.

Just 5: Vegan Iced Coffee | The Fresh Exchange

Here is what you need:
1 cup leftover coffee (of freshly brew it if you want)
A glass full of ice cubes
1/2 cup coconut cream
1-1 1/2 tablespoons (depending on how sweet you like it) of honey or agave syrup. 
a pinch of cinnamon

Other great things you can add:
– Vanilla syrup
– Protein powder
– Melted chocolate

Just 5: Vegan Iced Coffee | The Fresh Exchange

To create the iced coffee all you have to do is place all of the ingredients other than the ice into a high-speed blender. Once everything is well-blended pour the drink over the ice in your glass. Pinch a little cinnamon on top and you are ready for a pick-me-up and a cool-off all in the same sip.

Just 5: Vegan Iced Coffee | The Fresh Exchange

Hopefully, this will be the perfect pick-me-up you need on this Monday! Wishing you all a week of creativity!!


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