Loving Now: Chipper Things

Loving Now: Chipper Things | The Fresh Exchange

One of our favorite parts of the creative community are all the cool people we have gotten to meet over the years. We have loved going to conferences and meeting creatives of all types, paths, and with all sorts of passions. Typically these people end up starting and doing some really amazing things and these things typically come out of some serious passion and love for their work.

Today, we wanted to share about one Chipper Things, a project created by our good friend, Becky Simpson. I met Becky about three years ago at DesignerVaca in Palm Springs. I still remember meeting her because she made such an impression on me in that moment. It was on the first day of the conference and I had sat down with some girls I had met from the year before and then Becky just plopped herself down with us and introduced herself. Normally as an introvert I am pretty guarded with people being so forward, but Becky was warm, real, and truly chipper in every way. I instantly felt connected to her and knew she was a genuine soul. Since then, I was a cheerleader for her. She instantly felt like the type of girl I wanted in my squad. So when she landed the Adobe Residency last year and I watched her take hold of her career in such an inspiring way I was so pumped for her. At the end of her residency, she launched Chipper Things, her shop full of her work that comes out of her oh so naturally.

Loving Now: Chipper Things | The Fresh Exchange

Loving Now: Chipper Things | The Fresh Exchange

Becky has a unique style and perspective on the world. Her sense of humor and lighthearted nature is evident in all the products she has produced in her shop and especially in her books as well.

Loving Now: Chipper Things | The Fresh Exchange

Loving Now: Chipper Things | The Fresh Exchange

If you ever have the chance to meet Becky you will see instantly that her work is a natural representation of who she is. Her lettering somehow feels like bits of her personality and so seeing her store full of her work makes me so happy. Not only because her work is so unique and her, but because it makes me giddy to her unapologetically create work that just oozes who she is.

Loving Now: Chipper Things | The Fresh Exchange

I hope you guys take a chance to check out what Becky is doing and follow her. She is a positive and wonderful person creating fun things that bring a really happy element to your day, because that is truly who Becky is.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Thursday!


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