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Beautiful Linen Homewares | The Fresh Exchange

There are certain textures I love to have in our home. I find that textures are just as important as colors when putting together your home. I always lean towards having the most organic textures in my home. It makes things feel cozy and approachable. Though I love a good velvet pillow, it isn’t something I naturally gravitate towards and I believe you have to recognize those things in yourself when decorating. That said, I have been hunting down some new linen pieces to add to our stock of napkins and other table decor for dinners and meals this fall and winter. That’s how I came across Linen Tales. 

Beautiful Linen Homewares | The Fresh Exchange

The colors of their pieces are perfect and have a very organic hue to them. The pieces are exactly what I have been looking for.

Beautiful Linen Homewares | The Fresh Exchange

Though we aren’t in the market for new linen bedding at the moment, I still have to say that having linen bedding is the best thing we have ever added to our home and I particularly love the soft lavender and pink tones that Linen Tales has.

Beautiful Linen Homewares | The Fresh Exchange

Beautiful Linen Homewares | The Fresh Exchange

I am always on the hunt for new stores that offer quality items like these especially when it comes to adding essential items into our home.

Beautiful Linen Homewares | The Fresh Exchange

What are some of your favorite textures to have in your home?

You can find out more about Linen Tales here and follow their store here


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  1. Oh my GOSH, I love all things linen. Someday (when we can afford it), I definitely want 100% linen sheets/bedding. This looks like an amazing shop, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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