Made In America – An Initiative

Made in America: An Initiative  |  The Fresh Exchange

For the last 3 months Mike and I have been in this process of make our new space into a home. A major part of doing this is getting rid of as many pieces of our home decor that felt temporary. Just like any young couple starting out we had a limited budget when setting up our life and space, which meant that many times we had to decorate our space with items that had been mass-produced for stores like Ikea and Overstock. Though we felt our space was cute, we also learned quickly that unfortunately price more often won over quality. Thus, when we moved we knew not only were we moving to a smaller space, but also that we wanted to take this opportunity to start fresh. So we left behind many of our “temporary” pieces in order to replace them with higher-quality pieces.

Made in America: An Initiative  |  The Fresh Exchange

This means we have tried pretty hard to source those replacements in our space from artisan made, locally sourced, and/or made in America companies. One of the pieces we have been looking to replace for a while were our side tables. So when Pickwick and Weller asked us to join in their Made in America Initiative to encourage people to replace one item not made in America with one that was, we jumped at the chance to join in and share how we’re choosing to do this.

Made in America: An Initiative | The Fresh Exchange

Made in America: An Initiative  |  The Fresh Exchange

We made the choice to replace our old Ikea side tables we had in our old home, which we left back in Michigan, for these 2 side tables hand crafted by Raleigh/Durham natives Arrowhead Collective. Not only are they 100% made in the US, but also 100% made in North Carolina. The wood was sourced literally a mile from our house and the metal legs were molded and bent less than 5 miles from our home. So when I think about the $170 we spent on each of them I feel really good. Though they are slightly more than a lot of side table options out there, they offer something those don’t, a story, a relationship, and a deeper meaning than I just like them. That to me is worth any extra money spent.

Made in America: An Initiative  |  The Fresh Exchange

We not only have replaced our side tables, but a lot of our smaller decor pieces are from companies such as Rose and Fitzgerald, Army Surplus Stores, Artists like Jonathan Grant and Corey Mason, and Milled Co. The list goes on for us, but in a any way we can we really try to support those who create beauty for a living.

Made in America: An Initiative  |  The Fresh Exchange

It is hard to purchase everything this way all the time, I still believe in the fact that it is important for us to think through our purchases, where do they come from, where were they sourced, and who can I help. One purchase a month or week this way can really make a difference.

Made in America: An Initiative | The Fresh Exchange

If you want to know more about how to make these decisions and what they can do to alter the lives of many, check out their pledge page and also I suggest checking out the clothing that Pickwick and Weller creates in LA. I am always a sucker for a great t-shirt.

Made in America: An Initiative  |  The Fresh Exchange

Have you recently made choices like this to support made in America products or those that you truly love what they create? How have you personally felt changed by this? Have you had good experiences? I would love to hear your thoughts and how you may have done this yourself in your life already.

If you want to purchase similar side tables, they are made to order, so please contact Justin and Matthew by email on their website. They can customize the colors to any one you may like in their shop in Durham, NC. They are great guys that truly love what they do everyday.


Thanks to Pickwick and Weller for sponsoring this post to help spread the word about the Made in America Initiative. All opinions and photos are my own. 


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