New Edit: Summertime in Northern Michigan

Summertime in Northern Michigan | The Fresh Exchange

When we were putting together the new site we were thinking of various edits we planned to release throughout the years to come. One of the ones that ended up as our example was an edit focused on the items that are a part of Summertime in Northern Michigan. It is a huge part of our lifestyle and a large part of my life growing up. These things are essential and summer never feels quite complete without them so we gathered everything into one edit for this month. Check it out today and see what items and styles make up the long days and short nights full of bonfires on the beach, warm days in the sun, cool dips in the lake, long drives along the coast on dirt roads, hiking through dunes, fishing for dinner, and many meals outdoors with friends.


What other edits would you like to see in the future?

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