Paris Street Style

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If you noticed last week we did not hear from Grant for the Manly Nine. It just so happened he was headed off to Paris for the next month for some work. Him and I have been dreaming up sharing his adventures with you all while he is off in Paris wandering the city. Grant is currently showing students the art history of paris, styling shoots, and cultivating some new ideas for art and partnerships. What a dream right? We all are lucky enough to get a chance to live vicariously through his photos.

Our idea has been he would send along some wonderful sights and maybe even some favorite Paris shops, cafes, and art galleries while he is there. I love the idea of giving you all a view of his trip even in the smallest bit. Grant is the one person I have always wanted to travel with. He has a way of meeting people, making relationships, and truly diving into a culture.

With this week’s view of his trip he sent a long Paris street style photos of what he has seen trending for women. I am excited to show you all some of what is happening in this beautiful city.

Thank you Grant!!

If you want more of a look into his trip head on over to his blog, Culture Keeper, and see more for yourself.

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