Pink a Color Study

Pinks a color study | The Fresh Exchange

I used to spend time pulling favorite images and creating fun little collages, but life got busy, work took over, and well I lost the time to do it. This year in my effort to create more I wanted to bring some of this back from time to time. Doing these types of pieces and sharing on the blog allows me to share both things that inspire me, but more importantly challenge me creatively. The last few years have taught me a lot about my style and what is me. I have tried tons of ways to bring work together, tools, pens, digital platforms, and most importantly non-digital platforms to create on.

What I have found is that I am someone who loves the analog. The connection between pen and paper and then bringing it digital is really fun to me. The variables create a level of imperfection that brings me a lot of joy in creating. Mike has a very clean and crisp precision to his work so when we work together my love for the imperfect and his love for the pixel perfect really have a way of building upon each other.

My hope is that this year I can explore this more here than I have in the last year or so. I realize having a kid makes this become a little harder, but I know that I am someone who needs a creative outlet in order to be my best self. My hope is that as our little guy gets bigger him and I can spend time together creating and playing together and he finds joy in it just as I do. There is a lot to explore and I look forward to sharing my love for color, doodling, and textures with him.

Pinks a color study | The Fresh Exchange

For today’s little exploration I had some fun with pink…as you can tell. The funny part is I really don’t like pink in its normal expected chroma level. Thus, I had real fears we would have a girl and the idea of a baby shower where pink was involved scared me. What I do love is the variance that pink can create and how it can feel ultra feminine even in the lightest and softest form while also being completely sophisticated. Growing up I hated the color severly, but after taking a color theory class in college and painting course I realized how much depth the color had and what it could communicate. It by no means will ever be one of my top favorite colors, but it is really fun to play with especially during cold and dreary days.

Images used: Bed from Magnolia Amor  |  Girl in Dress from Mglta  |  Cosmetic Styling by Gentl & Hyers  |  Shoes and Palm by Ian Lanterman

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4 Responses

  1. Wow these are amazing, you should definitely get back into doing them, I could stare for hours! It would be ADORABLE for you and your little guy to make them together when he is older! I completely agree with being scared of the colour pink it’s just so eurgh, but you really have used it in such a cool way that makes me even think I could like the colour!

  2. Love this. I’m the same way and I really don’t like pink, but I painted the bottom 2/3rds of the wall in my office almost black and the top 1/3 a coppery pink. I absolutely love it.

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