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Clyde Oak  |  The Fresh Exchange

image and type by Hitch Design Studio

Have you ever had a project you felt you were meant to take on and do? I had never had that feeling till our friend, Corey Mason asked us to join him in bringing to life his garden store, Clyde Oak. He pitched his dream of what this would look like and how he hoped to challenge the gardening world we now know.

As entrepreneurs, designers, nature lovers and avid gardeners we couldn’t think of a more amazing project for us. Corey had called right as we had decided to bring Mike on and it was what solidified our decision that it was the right move. It was a moment when all felt right. Projects like that feel more personal and close to your heart when they come along at pivotal moments so it is no surprise that our passion for Clyde Oak is huge and we cannot wait to share more of what we have been working on with this brand.

You will see more and more as we head towards Spring, but today we leave for Raleigh, North Carolina to spend the next 2 weeks on location to art direct, design, style, and shoot a look book, video, and Simple Evening (yes that’s right we have been pulling together one of the best ones yet…just to give you a little idea how amazing this one will be…I have had the pleasure to pull in Jenn Blake for styling the event…yeah get excited!!).

Clyde Oak  |  The Fresh Exchange

images via the Clyde Oak instagram…follow you won’t regret it! 

Projects like this make our heart leap because we are able to collaborate and work with amazing and inspiring people, spend our days actively doing what we love, and see a whole new city that we cannot wait to fall in love with. Days like today when I am traveling to begin to finish the loose ends of a project we have been working on for months and watch it all come together are the days I pinch myself and wonder if this is really my life. I love what I do and the people it brings in to our lives, the amazing things we get to help build, and how much passion we get to place in to our work. I wouldn’t trade the long hours for anything in the world.

I am excited to share our next couple weeks with you all here on the blog and on our instagrams (Mike and Me) so make sure to follow along while we bring the Clyde Oak story to life in the next few weeks. Also I am sure there will be some peaks of the products that you won’t want to miss.

Tomorrow Mike is sharing a favorite new cookbook with you all! So stop back in tomorrow!


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12 Responses

  1. Have fun in Raleigh – so fun to meet you on Friday! Can’t wait to see all the good stuff coming up! xo

  2. You’re coming to Raleigh!!? I know you guys are going to be super busy, but we would love to see you if you have any time! I’ll message you my number 🙂

  3. You’re coming to Raleigh!!? I know you guys are going to be super busy but we would love to see you! Even if just briefly – I’ll message you my number :).

  4. What a lovely project! I cannot wait to see how it all comes together when you’re done. I’m really excited about the Simple Evening too! What a dream it is to be able to work along side each other and with other artists on these great projects!

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