The Calm Bathroom

Calm Bathroom | The Fresh ExchangeImage from TFE’s Home Tour with Rad and Kate MacCready

There is nothing better than waking up and stepping into the bathroom in the morning for your daily shower and it being this light, bright, and calm space where each piece has been chosen with design in mind. That’s at least my dream. We have been working on making some minor updates to our master bathroom and I am thinking that this is a good time to get intentional about what sits in our space. I gathered a few items I am eyeing for our new room and some that I just love the idea of such as an all black toothbrush (!!!) I am all about minimal, but I love it being lived in. These textures, colors, and patterns together create a very calm, simple, and inviting space that I am pretty sure anyone would want to spend the morning in. What is one of your musts to make your bathroom calm and inviting to you in the morning and in the evening?

Calm Bathroom | The Fresh Exchange1. Wood Bathmat from Kauffman Mercantile  |  2. Marble Container Set from CB2  |  3. Toilet Brush Holder & Brush from Konte  | 4. Linen Bathrobe from H&M  |  5. Scrub Towel from Binchotan  |  6. Black Toothbrush from Morihata  |  7. Woven Basket from Zara Home  |  8. Hand + Body Wash from Fig and Yarrow  |  9. Striped Towels from Schoolhouse Electric  |  10. Everything Will Be Ok Dish from Schoolhouse Electric  |  11. No. 4 Candle from Maison Louis Marie

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  1. I’ve been doing the same with my bathroom, however I’m working with a windowless rental bathroom. There’s some good features though, so I added a cozy white rug, some natural wood, and light colors. I’m also covering a dark ugly countertop with some white marble contact paper to really make the space feel nice and clean.

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