The Height of Summer

The Height of Summer | The Fresh Exchange

I am seeing the talk of summer’s end and I am writing today to remind us all that there is still so much fun left in this wonderful last month of summer. There is always a desire to make August the mark of change or a sign of the impending cooler days ahead. I love fall just as much as the next person, but this year there is no wishful thinking for what is not simply right in front of us right now. I refuse to think about September just yet as September is all it’s own that deserves its moment just as the crisp breezes of fall do. Instead, August is to be celebrated as the height of summer.

The Height of Summer | The Fresh Exchange

August is when the water is finally the warmest it will be all year. It has gathered all the warmth of the summer and holds it just to be enjoyed on the steamiest of all days. This is the month of the year where we make plans for all the things we haven’t done on our summer bucket list just yet. This is the month of tomatoes, blueberries, summer squash, zucchini, and all the abundance of veggies and fruits summer has to offer.

I have always seen August as the month that is summer in all its glory. We want to shut the doors on the season very quickly as soon as August shows up. The thing is there are still five glorious Fridays full of summer opportunities, and I think today it is worth remembering we still are in the middle of the best parts of the season.

The Height of Summer | The Fresh Exchange

So, don’t even begin to talk about pulling out sweaters and fall jackets just yet. We still have many days to spend in our sun-tanned skin and to make bonfires on the beach while watching the sunset at 9 PM. This is the height of summer. How will you make the most of it?

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