The Nursery: Completed | Fresh Exchange

The Nursery: Completed

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange


Years before even thinking of having children, I had never really thought about how I would decorate a nursery. In fact, the word nursery was something I didn’t even really like for some reason. Cue a positive pregnancy test and all my feelings changed. I was pretty darn interested in creating a space that would be the perfect cozy, neutral, and minimal space for our little guy. I gathered some inspiration and then began the process of hunting down all the items we wanted all while keeping within a budget.

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Some of the items we pulled into the room were things that existed in our home already such as the rug and pouf, but others were specific to putting this room together such as the dresser, rocker, and crib. To help make the room feel special and 100% his we wanted to add a few items that had some meaning.

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

For instance, during my baby shower with neighbors and good friends in Raleigh, they put together a dream catcher for us. Each person attached a feather to it and the driftwood in the middle was something we had collected from our time this last summer on Lake Michigan near my parent’s home. The dream catcher is a good reminder of all the people who love him and have been thinking of him as he came into the world and will surround him as he grows up. Things like that made the room feel more than just a decorated space, but a space that would create a story to tell him as he grew older.

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

A major piece for our us in the room was a dresser. We needed something that would work for our little guy and fit within our budget. Our space for him is small, but I saw this awesome DIY from Sarah Sherman Samuel  which inspired us to make something similar for our space. We went to Ikea and picked out a dresser that would fit in the space and a color we liked and used her DIY to update the dresser to be the perfect pop of color in the room. We loved that this one had just enough drawers for his clothes and then the cubbies for things we would need for changing diapers, but it also had another cubby for books. We then placed a Keekaroo Peanut on top (attached with 3M velcro strips) and placed shelves above. For the shelves, all we did was used these Ikea brackets and painted them white. We then purchased wood from Lowe’s and sanded the edges and attached them to the brackets. Something to remember when placing ANYTHING above your babies head is to make sure it is securely screwed into the wall so it will not fall on them.

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Choosing a rocker was quite the ordeal for the room, I wrote a whole post about rockers being the hardest part of putting together our nursery. We ultimately went with the Nursery Works chair in a birch base and pebble. The chair has a great back height for leaning my head on and I am pretty average height at 5’6”. I then tossed a synthetic lamb’s wool on the chair (easier to keep clean) and this pillow from Urban Outfitters and this blanket from Land of Nod a friend of our’s gifted us. It is the perfect cozy space for nursing. We used the faux fur pouf as the ottoman, which has been very comfortable.

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

The crib was another big decision in the room. Once we had chosen the rocker, I discovered the Hudson crib in washed natural birch from Babyletto and fell in love instantly. The minimalist design, the ability to transition it to a toddler bed, and the price was reasonable were great selling points for us. It also perfectly matched the wood on the rocker as well. We purchased the Lullaby Earth Breeze mattress for the crib and it fits perfectly as well as provides security to us that if he flips onto his face at night he can still breath. We placed a vintage letter bunting from Oh Albatross over his crib. I also placed a blanket from a favorite store and a swaddle wrap from Solly Baby to tie together the bed for him.

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Something that a lot of people suggested to us was to get good curtains for his room. It was hard to choose something because I didn’t want to spend much or have any more color in the room. We matched the curtains to the rug and pouf in an off-white. The room is painted in Behr’s Ultra Pure White so there is a subtle contrast between the curtains and the wall, which worked way better than we expected. The curtains came from World Market and the rods were from Target.

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

When it came to decorating his shelves, we stuck with focusing on choosing items that centered around a color theme of greens, teals, navy, and natural wood tones. We gathered items that were gifted, photos from trips we took, postcards from favorite places, a rock found on a trip to the desert, driftwood from Lake Michigan, books we loved, and toys that captured childhood. Keeping to a specific palette helped pull all the items together without feeling cluttered.

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

Though it will be quite a while before our little guy will be sleeping in here we love that this space is set and ready for him to enjoy as he grows big enough to embrace some independence. For now, he is bunking with us in this bassinet which has worked out wonderfully thus far. Because of his size we most likely won’t transfer him to his crib till we return from our regular trip to Michigan this summer. Till then this space will be for rocking, playing, and reading.

Nursery: Completed | The Fresh Exchange

To find out where everything is from please see the links below.

Paint Color: Behr Ultra Pure White in Matte
Vintage Letter Bunting: Oh Albatross

Swing chair: Nuna Leaf with the Nuna Wind attachment
Basket: World Market
Crib: Hudson in Washed Natural Birch from Babyletto
Crib Mattress: Lullaby Earth Breeze Mattress
Crib Sheet: Aden & Anais
Stuffed Animals: Lion is from Jellycats and Bear from DwellStudio
Rug: Urban Outfitters
Curtains: World Market
Curtain Rods: Target
Rocking Chair: Nursery Works in Pebble and Birch (purchased used)
Pillow in Chair: Urban Outfitters
Faux Sheepskin on chair: Safavieh
Faux Fur Pouf: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Dresser: Ikea (see suggested DIY here) ***** THIS DRESSER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE****
Dresser Knobs: Ikea
Dresser Paint Color: Behr: Green Trellis
Dresser basket: Ikea (similar)
Floor Lamp: Ikea

Shelves: Ikea brackets painted white with wood from Lowe’s
Dreamcatcher: Gifted
Moon phases: DIY to make your own here
Items on shelf: Seagrass baskets  |  Wood Stacker Toy  |  Glass Jar  |  Arrow Art – gifted  |  Geometric Toy  |  Wood truck  |  Giraffe planter  |  Stuck  |  The Moose Belongs to Me  |  Leather Moccasins
Changing pad: Keekaroo Peanut in Cream

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67 Responses

  1. I love it! I had always thought that You have super style ( in spanish, Muy estilosos;)and this room confirms me! all inspiration, And by the way, your baby is very fortunate to have such an amazing room. congratulations family! Enhorabuena!

  2. First off~ Congratulations on your sweet new addition! He is precious and I loved your story. This room is beautiful and well done! Love your style always!!

  3. Such a lovely nursery! I was wondering which Ikea dresser you purchased? I’m not seeing any like the one you have (with the cubby holes) on their website — were those part of your DIY?


    1. Hi Hayley, it seems as if they no longer have them 🙁 I just checked and I don’t see them. Serious bummer! Though I bet you make one of the other pine ones into something similar. The item was from the Nornas collection but I only see the one with the open shelves. Such a bummer because it is a great dresser.

  4. We used a bunting from Oh Albatross as well. 🙂 Love that rug and the way you organized the shelves. YOUR BABY WILL LOVE THIS ROOM, I’M SURE!

  5. It is gorgeous! When did you buy the dresser? I can’t find it… Were the cubbies already there?

  6. Hi! My name is patty and i currently starting to design my nursery! i was also wondering which ikea dresser you bought and changed because i dont see it only! thanks so much.

    1. Hi Patty, the dresser is no longer available. They took a lot of dressers off because they had problems with them tipping. We mounted ours knowing we would use it for a changing table. I am sorry it isn’t available, but I am sure there is another dresser you could use!

  7. Ive been searching for something to fit our soNs keearoo, and this is exactly what im looking for! But, i cannot for the life of me Find the dresser you purchased from ikea!?!? Do you remember the name? Did it already Come with those drawers and cubby spaces? I look at the diy you used and she looks like she has a completely different dresser:( Please help!

    1. The dresser is no longer available because Ikea decided to pull a lot of dressers because a few tipped over that weren’t attached to the wall or ground so they had to wait to resell them till they engineered pieces that they can place in the packaging that make them safer. Sorry it isn’t available right now.

  8. Do you have any idea what the name of that ikea dresser is? thAt is exactly What i need for my nursery but the link doesnt tAke me tight to the dresser and i cant find it on the website. Beautiful nusery, you did a great job!

    1. I don’t remember, but I heard they stopped producing a lot of their dressers because they had issues with them falling over on kids who climb. We moved before our son was capable of climbing, but we plan to anchor it in our new home. So sorry!

  9. It seems the link to the dresset isnt working anymore. Can you tell me the name of it so i can search for it? Thanks!

  10. I love this dresser but its not available at ikea anymore. What was the model? ID love to Find something similar.

  11. I just came across this and love it!! Totally using as inspiration for our own nursery. I am so sad that dresser is no longer made. Have you ever seen anything similar somewhere else?

  12. Hi! I completely love this nursery you did such a beautiful job! I have been searching for the Ikea dresser everywhere and i don’t think they have it anymore. Did it come that way? Can you help please!!

  13. Hi! I love your nursery and im using it for some inspiration. Did you follow all directions for dresser painting from the link you posted. Im afRaid of painting it. Haha but i love it so much. We bought hemnes Three drawer dresser and i want to paint Same color and put gold knoBs. The knoBs did you spray those?

  14. Hi there, the link for the ikea dresser nO longer works. I am curious as to what it looked like prior tO your diy. Do you have any photos or an updated link?

  15. Hi, this room is sooo inspiring!
    Please … What’s the Article name of ikea Dresser? the link leads me to an overview page.

    THX so much

  16. Love this litte dresser! Do you have the dimensions for it WITHOUT THE LEGS? ALSO MAYBE THE DIMENSIONS OF THE CUBBY HOLES?

    tHANKS!!! <3

  17. Do you mind sharing the dimensions of the bedroom? I really love everything in here and am gaining inspiration as I think through our nursery – currently 16 weeks pregnant 🙂

  18. Just came across your post and wanted to tell tou how much it helped me! Currently 30 weeks pregnant and just Getting into nesting mode with a game plan our nursery. Your blog post about Buying a rocker/glider Was also super helpful. I am so hesitant to buy a rocker That i havent sat in before, but leaning towards the same one you have.

    My Question is: did you find Your rocker was good to nurse in- i am 5’2” and that is one of my main concerns.

  19. Love this dresser! What is the name of it? I like in the UK, so when i click on the Ikea link, i am sent to the US site homepge.

    Thank you!

  20. So fun! Do you happen to remember the name of the dresser you got from ikea? Ive been looking for something exactly like this for our little space for little ones.

  21. I love the dresser hack. Do you happen to know which style dresser it is? I looked on ikeas website and couldnt find It.

  22. I am 100% in love with the dresser! I see it is from ikea but the link just goes to the general ilea website, not an actual product listing. Could you comment with the name of the item? Thank you!

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