The Visual Scent in Collab with method

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The Visual Scent in Collaboration with Method | The Fresh Exchange


We are always looking for a creative challenge in our day-to-day. We have been into color blocking for a while and loved the idea of using method’s newest innovation, the Nourishing Hand Wash that is currently for sale in Target stores, as an opportunity to flex our creativity in a new way. The three scents really have a botanical scent that is subtle but oddly visual. The soaps inspired us to play with the scents a bit and visually show you what we were smelling. Kind of different, right? We really had fun scavenging the beach and searching all over to put these together.

The Visual Scent in Collaboration with Method | The Fresh Exchange

method is doing a great job with their new scents, which I cannot stop smelling: Almond Flower, Coconut Milk, and Olive Leaf. The orange board is Almond Flower. Truthfully, I had no idea that almonds even flowered, but the scent is floral with these underlying citrus scents. It is bright and fresh and really is unique.

The Visual Scent in Collaboration with Method | The Fresh Exchange

The Coconut Milk scent takes you right to the beach. The fresh coconut reminds me of our trip to Jamaica and days on the beach with a Piña Colada. It’s a comforting smell that again is pretty unique.

The Visual Scent in Collaboration with Method | The Fresh Exchange

However, of all three of the new scents olive leaf was my favorite. The fresh scent took me right back to our trips through the olive groves in Spain and afternoon wine tasting in the Cinque Terre. The underlying refreshing citrus scent is clean but with a rustic wooded grove smell. I might have found my new favorite soap.

As you can tell, Mike and I not only enjoyed giving the new soaps a try but we also had fun making these scents visual. We always love finding creative inspiration in everyday things. Who knew a bottle of soap could bring out so much inspiration?

Which one of the scents do you think you would love the most? It was hard for me to choose a favorite that’s for sure!


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