Traverse City in the Fall

Traverse City in the Fall  |  The Fresh Exchange

With every free moment, we have tried to soak up the glorious October Fall days given to us before the snow lands. In northern Michigan, October can be either gray and dreary or bursting with fall colors. Thankfully this year it has been full of beauty and color. However there is a Winter Weather Advisory for the week and I did just see some freezing rain outside of our studio window. Which tells me it is time to fly south, but before we do we are trying to enjoy every moment we have left.

Traverse City in the Fall  |  The Fresh Exchange

Though Summer has such gorgeous things to offer up here, Fall brings its own beauty and flavors. Every year we have a ritual of ushering in Fall with a pumpkin donut and a drive up the county on M22. It takes a full afternoon and it is one of the most beautiful drives and journeys in America. The county is abounding in every type of fall harvest you can imagine. The wine is being harvested, the apples are being collected and pumpkins are everywhere, which means Pumpkin donuts are as well. Not to mention the colors are exploding on every hill top in Leelanau county. It is the perfection of fall and I just can’t get enough of it.

I am not a cold weather fan whatsoever and the older I get the more I hate it. Give me 65+ for the rest of my life and I am happy, but the layers and early onset of Fall is something I do really love. It is when it starts raining and dropping below 50 that I get grumpy.

Traverse City in the Fall  |  The Fresh Exchange

This weekend was that kind of weather. Wool sweaters, hunter boots and cozy music. On our pumpkin donut drive up the peninsula we explored some new back roads and found a beautiful secret hiking trail. We stopped at all the farm stands, pretty homes, and golden fields. For nearly 4 hours we just enjoyed the beauty that was around us. It was the perfect break from a week of deadlines and packing.

Traverse City in the Fall  |  The Fresh Exchange

Knowing we only have a few more days left up here has us grasping for all of it that we can get while also trying to stay above water on work and packing. Sometimes it is necessary to pull away and enjoy the little things that are around you.

Traverse City in the Fall  |  The Fresh Exchange

Even our small adventures have been the perfect escapes we need to make us feel as if we have not missed out on how beautiful this place is. Taken the time to turn away from our screens and breathe in fresh air and enjoy the land we love is one of the most refreshing things.

Traverse City in the Fall  |  The Fresh Exchange

This week we are working hard to get as much work done as possible, as this is our last week up north. By this time next week we will be loading the last of our boxes up for our road trip to the land of the pine.

Traverse City in the Fall  |  The Fresh Exchange

Hard to believe it has all come this quickly, but we honestly feel ready for our next adventure. We have a deep love for this place and will return every summer but as we have seen in times past, change is always scary but always good.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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13 Responses

  1. Urgh I’m the same with cold weather, but at the same time there’s nothing like being cosy in winter. This is my first winter in 3 years though – I’ve been moving between hemispheres a lot – and I’m terrified of the dropping temperatures!

    Also do you draw all the letters on? They’re really gorgeous, I need to use your blog as inspiration more!

  2. I am new to your blog, I happened upon it through someone’s Pinterest board. I just want to say how inspiring your writing is. Also, I grew up in Northern MI but live on the east coast, so it’s nice to be transported, through your writing and images, to the places and things I love so much about that area too! Best of luck in your new adventure, the east coast is wonderful too! And thanks for inspiring!!

  3. Soak it all in! I am with ya, Chicago had it’s first 40 degree weather the other day and I sat inside my house like a baby. I hate cold weather and probably live in the worst city for my hate relationship with the winter. But look how amazing your fall looks – my favorite time of the year when it stays above 60. Good luck with the move!

  4. everytime it happens to me to take a look at your blog i find myself pinning pics like a crazy! They’re great! Can i ask you what program you use for writing on them? I love the font 🙂

  5. Oh, it looks and sounds beautiful. I only got as far as Ann Arbor when it came to experiencing fall, but gosh, how picturesque. Wishing you countless more moments of enjoyment before you fly south. I’m sure this special place will be happy to have you back–either for a quick visit or multi-year settlement–when the time is right. Best of luck with your move!

  6. So many beautiful colours! Every time you post about the changing seasons I find myself wishing I was experiencing the same, when in fact I’m experiencing the opposite. Even when I’m loving the middle of summer, your beautiful winter memoirs make me wish for colder weather.

  7. Such a bittersweet time…I love seeing your photos of fall there. You are going to fall even more in love with North Carolina than you already have, though. I just know it! Steven and I always say it will be our “settle down” place. Although we’re still not quite ready to do that, Carolina’s always on our minds…:) Happy packing and soaking up your last days!!!!

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