Winter Blues

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Winter Blues  |  The Fresh Exchange

This weekend was pretty amazing. We shot an amazing dinner party that will post this week on the blog. We hung with new and old friends. We even got to have a great brunch on Sunday as well. It felt wonderful, but I have felt so out of it and a little grumpy. Why? The winter blues. While the East has been getting so much snow we have had a little warm up with rain…not the best weather. I think Winter has settled in and the evening dinners that end by the fire help so much, but with long lists of to-dos and little time outside it is not a surprise that you begin to get all these angsty feelings going on.

Today I woke up feeling so tired for really no reason and completely uninspired. I did not want to fake the post I had planned for today, because my vow is to be honest here. So here I am telling you the winter blues have gotten the best of me. Every year it happens. We have a trip planned to Raleigh, North Carolina at the beginning of March so I am keeping my eyes on the sun and warmer weather to thaw out some of these feelings.

Do you all struggle with this too? I think I just need more vitamin D. Sometimes I just miss the warm weather and days out on the sailboat, that’s okay right?

Happy Monday you all and sorry to be debbie-downer cause this weekend was crazy awesome and I cannot wait to share more!!! If you have some great tips for killing the blues, let me know I could use them.

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