Just 5: Zucchini Lentil Taco Filling

Well, it is about time to bring you all my favorite meal; tacos. Yup, I am the biggest Mexican food fan. I am more than 100% sure I could live on tacos. I have devised many ways to fill them, as in my mind there is nothing better than a tortilla filled with good yummy things. Yes, I would say this is better than the sandwich. Though my husband and I try to compete on which is better in the realm of competing about which is a more complete meal, I believe I win with this one.

Whenever I am invited to someone’s house I love to offer to make a great meal. It is my thing and this time that I made these tacos we were asked to come stay with our friends at an amazing house they were house-sitting at. Let me tell you this place was something else. The kitchen was top-notch, but also the view was perfect. We watched the sunset over Lake Michigan as we ate our dinner and drank wine. It was literally right on the beach but it was a hand-crafted log cabin. Could you imagine a better place to stay over a weekend at the end of the Summer? Nope!

So I thought I would pull fresh veggies and make the perfect veggie-centered meal. I plan to bring you many fillings for Tacos so hold on tight they will be coming on and off for all you taco lovers.

What do you need? Let’s jump in:

1 cup lentils really any kind you like can work.
1/2 onion — I like the sweet kind in this situation
2 zucchini – I had a ton but use as much as you like (it makes for great leftovers!)
1/2 tsp of Cumin
3 peppers – I used whatever was in my garden or in my CSA

You will want to begin by cooking the lentils. Just place them in water and boil till softened. Then chop onions and peppers and begin to sauté.


Once onions are fairly softened place the curry and zucchini that is chunked in to the pan. If it feels dry add your beer that you should be drinking already while you cook. This adds great flavor. I promise.

After everything has become soft, drain the lentils and add in. If you would like to add spice now is the time. Add Cayenne or even your favorite hot sauce. This is up to you. Have fun!

For this taco filling I also added in a red cabbage slaw. This is really simple as well if you would like to bring this in to your tacos and happen to have a cabbage around. All you need is a whole red cabbage, apple cider vinegar, cilantro, lime, and a toss of sugar. Stir and instant YUM!

When everything was prepped I grilled the tortillas and placed the taco filling and slaw with an avocado together in the tortilla. Some people like to squeeze a lime for that fresh zest before chomping in. Adding more lime is never a bad idea in my mind.

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