24 Items Under $30 for Little One

24 Items under $30 for Little One Clothes. Great deals on Baby Clothes this fall from The Fresh Exchange

We have been thinking it would be fun to share a collection of items every month for little ones that is affordable and still stylish. Granted these are items we would purchase for Hayes or have purchased for him, but many of the items are fairly unisex. Personally, if I had a little girl she would probably wear most of these things, but that’s how I dress. I am not a huge pink fan at all so I am not meaning to leave out girls here, just know these items since many of them we have and love.

When dressing Hayes, we love to choose items that are classic, easily coordinate, are comfy, and are still fun and have some childlike details. Get the full list of links below. All items are $30 or less each, but many are less than $20! We keep a pretty strict clothing budget for him as it is easy to go overboard when they are so cute in everything they wear.

Yellow Jacket | Black High Tops  |  Fleece Jacket  | Buffalo Plaid Shirt |  Forest Onesie |  Chambray Toggle Vest | Knit Hat | Shawl Collar Onesie | Play Hard Tee | Henley Tee | Turtleneck Gray Sweater | Navy Leather Shoes | Cotton Vest | Triangle Leggings |  Striped Shawl Sweater | Navy Patterned Leggings | Fawn Sweater Onesie | Baseball Tee Onesie | Van Shoes | Striped Tee |   Sweatshirt Onesie | Green Triangle Leggings | Lined Chambray | Fringe Moccasins 

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6 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing these! I dress my boy in a SIMILAR style- would always love to see more posts like this. Best To yoU!

    1. Oh awesome! So glad you love this one. We will be adding more to the shop next month so you can always check the littles section there for some of our selections from time to time when you need inspiration.

  2. Thank you for this awesome list! I really appreciate it because a) the items are affordable, and b) they are gender neutral! We also dress our daughter in gender neutral items because we don’t like a “pink” or “girly” style. I don’t dress that way either! So this list works perfectly for us! 🙂

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