Cold Weather Essentials for Baby and Toddler

Cold Weather Essentials for Baby and Toddler. The Fresh Exchange.

Living in Northern Michigan now with a baby for 2 years and now a toddler for the last 2 years as well, I have learned quite a bit both on my own and from friends about how to survive these days with little ones and have compiled a great list of gear that both works […]

Fall Clothing Essentials

Image via: Tradlands Let me just say that if there was a season I enjoy dressing for….it is for sure Fall. Fall clothing is for sure the best. The layering. The textures. The colors. It is very much aligned with own personal style so I love this time of year. So I have put together […]

Building a Transitional Wardrobe for Motherhood

Transitional Wardrobe for Pregnancy and Motherhood on The Fresh Exchange

Fair warning, this is a legit long post. I have been wanting to write this post for a while and have collected a lot of info from having our first son and going through all the body transitions of a pre-motherhood body to having a pregnant body to a postpartum and breastfeeding body and then […]

Best Safe Sunscreen For The Whole Family

With the unofficial start to summer now is the time to find the best safe sunscreen for the whole family. Each year we get asked about safe sunscreen and skin protection during this season whether hitting the beach, hiking trail, or even just being outside and gardening, I wanted to round up the best safe […]

Getting Dressed: Hackwith Design House for Spring

A little over a few weeks ago I wrote about clothing and dressing as a woman and how I am always struggling with finding pieces that wear well, are versatile, well-made, and can combine my femininity and my tomboy. Living on 10 acres and in the country, much of my life is about living with […]

The Essentials of a Summer Wardrobe

Image via: Madewell This summer I have really minimized my wardrobe and made it clear the things for these days. Summer is so basic and just about the minimal amount of things compared to all the other seasons which involve a lot of layers and various footwear and so on. So I thought I would […]

How to Dress Your Toddler for Spring

I would love to tell you that dressing a little one for spring means shorts and more in the northern parts of our country, but it very much does not. Instead, it usually involves a lot of mud, snow boots, and layers. Not far off from our wardrobes for the season at all. Since I […]

Best Overalls for Spring

Spring feels as if it is trying to come a little early this year. It is sometimes odd to me to be without a parka mid-afternoon more days this last month than I was wearing one. It is hard to complain about to have the chance to get outside and get dirty the end of […]

A Seasonal Closet: Winter Wardrobe Essentials

I will admit right now, I am a little behind on this one. The good news is most of the items I am suggesting are on sale and if you are anything like us, you have a solid 3 months at least to thoroughly enjoy those bargains and break them in so they are ready for […]

Gift Guide: The Ultimate Women’s Guide

Christmas is just around the corner and I am sure you are well on your way to having your lists for those special people checked off, but I wanted to toss just one more gift guide your way this week. You may have seen our email go out last week with all of our gift guides […]

A Season of Layering

I have these fond memories that are nearly Norman Rockwell level about growing up in Northern Michigan and walking to school every day as a young child. I would walk about a mile or so from our home to school. The snow was so high I couldn’t see the road as I walked on the […]

The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide with Huckberry

The Ultimate Men's Gift Guide in partnership with Huckberry. Focusing on quality and many American Made goods for gifts for any guy in your life.

The season of giving is upon us. Over the coming weeks we will share a few gifting stories here, but this year I wanted to take a slightly different approach with our gift guides than in the past. I wanted to share a full lifestyle element to any gift guide we wrote a story about on […]

Dressing for the Season with Merrell and Zappos

Fall is alive and well here in Northern Michigan. The leaves have officially hit their peak. Driving in and out of town is probably some of the most beautiful leaf colors I have seen in a while up north. Though we still are having some lingering warm days, I am full on fall clothing mode. […]

Coastal Vibes from Mollusk

I am a west coast type of person. After living on the east coast and being born along the west coast of Michigan, I know that I am a sunsets soul and not a sunrise. I find it interesting how we can have those parts of ourselves. Maybe this is why I have always resonated and […]

The Small and Conscious Fashion Brands I Shop

My favorite Sustainable and Small Fashion Brands to start shopping. The full list of stores on The Fresh Exchange.

For this season’s wardrobe essentials I talked about how I am trying extra hard to replace items in my closet with clothing that is conscious and/or a small intentional fashion brand. In my mind, this is an easy way I can make small changes to my life to be more sustainable and responsible. Before you […]

A Seasonal Closet: Fall Wardrobe Essentials

This is your guide to your Fall Wardrobe Essentials. A Fall Capsule Wardrobe from The Fresh Exchange.

Next week we will officially welcome fall. Already we have felt the crisp air around here and though the next week we are seeing beautiful days full of summer-like warmth, there is no doubt that the days are shortening, the leaves are turning, and the Salmon are swimming. All signs of fall that are undeniable […]

My Favorite Pieces For Fall

Yes, I know I know…summer isn’t over, but we are currently wearing coats and jackets up here so it feels as if fall has arrived. I am already pulling out my fall shoes and sweaters not out of want but out of complete necessity. I won’t lie that I am loving the cool days though. […]

Summer Style: A Shirt for A Well-Lived Life

When I think about a well-lived life, I think of a life full of days embracing the good and the bad and found the beauty in it all. I think of a life full of humility, chasing big dreams, adventures, going for it, and pursuing love over hate. A life well lived is a constant […]

The Best Shoes for Summer Adventures

Living in Northern Michigan on the shore of Lake Michigan and amongst some of the greatest views of the country, this means you have more shoes to adventure in than anything else. You never know when the day will call for a dune hike that ends on a rocky or sandy shore and a dip […]

Farm Market Style

A look at what I wore to the farm market this week with my son in tow. More on The Fresh Exchange.

We recently moved downtown for the summer and we have been loving having a new perspective for a little bit. Downtown Traverse City is amazing this time of year and though it is magical outside of town as well we are loving having a downtown summer this year especially since we don’t know when we […]

A Seasonal Closet: Summer Essentials + A Free Download

Summer Wardrobe Essentials for your Seasonal Closet on The Fresh Exchange. A Free Download to help you organize your closet for summer.

Ahh summer! These are the months for tank tops and shorts with your favorite leather sandal. They are meant for bikinis with a glass of wine and going for runs that end with you cooling off in the water. The season is for sure here with how warm some of these days have been lately […]

Spring Vibes with Mollusk Surf Shop

Feel the vibes of spring thanks to the new collection from Mollusk Surf Shop. See more on the Fresh Exchange today.

These longer days we are having have been leaving me dreaming of the warm days ahead of us. There is nothing I love more than the lazy days of the end of spring and summer. They are precious parts of life for us in Northern Michigan. Beach days aren’t far away I can tell even […]

Wearing: Slip-Ons for Spring

Spring is here. You know how I know that? I can wear my boy jeans and sneakers. In all honesty, I don’t hide away my boy jeans during the winter months no matter how silly they look pulled over my boots. I still wear them and I look down and realize I am dressed like […]

3 Looks for Early Spring

Last week, I shared a worksheet and a full breakdown of the essential items you need for spring. I plan to continue this each season so you have a continual reminder to update your closet to exactly what you need. This is only one part of the style stories here, though. I will be spending […]