My Favorite Pieces For Fall

My favorites for fall for your wardrobe. More on The Fresh Exchange

Yes, I know I know…summer isn’t over, but we are currently wearing coats and jackets up here so it feels as if fall has arrived. I am already pulling out my fall shoes and sweaters not out of want but out of complete necessity. I won’t lie that I am loving the cool days though. Since moving back to Michigan, I find such value in cool rainy days and even sunny cool days as well. The slower pace and the cozy atmosphere they create is undeniable.

So, as I begin to slide my sandals to the back of the closet and my wellies to the front, I am also beginning to figure out what are some of the pieces I will be adding to my closet this fall. I try to keep my max to 10 pieces each season, but before making any investment I do two things:

  1. I make sure I don’t have anything similar in my closet already and if I do then does that piece actually need to be replaced or not? Hard questions as it feels I am always on the hunt for the perfect tee or perfect sweater.
  2. Recently, I started trying to become extra aware of where my clothes are coming from. So I try to choose things that are being done with good for the world or in the least are supporting small brands trying to grow and create a positive community. These days it is way easier and I will be talking more about some of the brands I shop the most this month to help give you a launching point.

All that said, I gathered up the 10 pieces I have decided need to be in my closet this fall to help get you thinking towards a fall wardrobe. I will, of course, be doing my Fall Wardrobe post like I do every season, but I am holding off till closer to the first day of fall. I know how so many of us just aren’t ready to say goodbye to summer. I get it!

My favorites for fall for your wardrobe. More on The Fresh Exchange

Olive Turtleneck Sweater from Everlane $68  |  Vintage Denim from LiveFashionABLE $128  |  Wide Leg Crop from Everlane $68  |  Brushed Cotton Dress from Taylor Stitch $128  |  Waxed Cotton Coat from Taylor Stitch $248  |  White Linen shirt from Mollusk Surf Shop $95  |  Fleece Vest from Patagonia $119  |  Suede Boots from Blundstone $184  |  Leather Clog from Bryr Clogs $264 |  White Cotton Crew Sweater from Everlane $78

What items are you eyeing for fall? I would love to hear. Also, what are your favorite conscious, American-made, small-run, and/or ethical brands out there?! I am always hunting for new ones.

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  1. I know, crazy how we are in autumn already, time goes so quick 🙂 Truly lovely pieces here, i really have to check everlane out. haven’t really thought about cloths for this season yet, so thanks for the inspo!
    x finja |

  2. I really appreciate your efforts to support conscious brands, as it’s something I’ve been working on, too. I have a few pieces from Taylor Stitch and I really love them. I’ve also been keeping an eye on Amour Vert, but I haven’t bought anything from them yet. And Fortress of Inca has some really cute shoes!

  3. I love Grana as an alternative to Everlane – they are similar in that they have transparent pricing and no brick and mortar stores, but they’re prices are a little lower. They have a smaller selection and tend to sell out of some things really quickly, but they ship lighting fast. (But there’s always the environmental factor for items that aren’t made locally – hard to win on all counts.)

    I love the linen shirt on your list! It looks so pretty and comfy. I would wear it all the time with skinny jeans!

  4. I just got the cotton crew sweater from Everlane in Navy yesterday. I bought another cotton crew sweater from them last year in a light pink that was more shrunken size wise but the weight and feel was so amazing. I kept reaching for it last year so I knew I needed another! I never want to take this new one off… like ever. Highly recommend. If you do buy… it’s still cropped in the front – way more so than it looks on the model but the sleeves are long and cozy!

  5. I have that TaYlor stitch dress from lasT year and i love it. One of my favorite things in my wardrobe for fall/winter in MI. I manage to be work appropriate and warm at the same time. And it is super comfortable and flattering.