24 Items under $50 for Fall

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24 Items for Fall Under $50  |  The Fresh Exchange


Since this year my body is still slightly in transition, I am hunting for reasoably priced items that will help me progress into fall. I figured I might not be the only one looking for some affordable items so I thought I would share some top picks I found that are all under $50. Some of them might surprise you and I few of them I already pulled the trigger on. Get the full list below.

24 Items for Fall Under $50 | The Fresh Exchange

Ripped up jeans from Old Navy  |  Striped Dress from Old Navy  |  Felt hat from Jcrew Factory  |  Mock Turtle Neck Sweater from H&M  |  Turtleneck Sweater from H&M  |  Army Surplus Shirt from Old Navy  |  Striped Poncho from Forever 21  |  Striped Shirt from H&M  |  Cropped Pants from ASOS  |  Oversized Dress from ASOS  |  Oversized Sweater from H&M  |  Striped Sweater from Urban Outfitters  |  Loafers from ASOS   |  Bomber Jacker from ASOS  |  Khaki Blazer from Old Navy  | Black Waterfall Sweater from H&M  |  Sweater Jacket from ASOS  |  Turtleneck Sweater from Forever 21  |  Khaki Sweater from H&M  |  Button Up from Forever 21  |  Jogger Pants from Urban Outfitters

What items are you adding to your wardrobe this fall?

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