24 Items under $50 for Fall

24 Items for Fall Under $50  |  The Fresh Exchange

Since this year my body is still slightly in transition, I am hunting for reasoably priced items that will help me progress into fall. I figured I might not be the only one looking for some affordable items so I thought I would share some top picks I found that are all under $50. Some of them might surprise you and I few of them I already pulled the trigger on. Get the full list below.

24 Items for Fall Under $50 | The Fresh Exchange

Ripped up jeans from Old Navy  |  Striped Dress from Old Navy  |  Felt hat from Jcrew Factory  |  Mock Turtle Neck Sweater from H&M  |  Turtleneck Sweater from H&M  |  Army Surplus Shirt from Old Navy  |  Striped Poncho from Forever 21  |  Striped Shirt from H&M  |  Cropped Pants from ASOS  |  Oversized Dress from ASOS  |  Oversized Sweater from H&M  |  Striped Sweater from Urban Outfitters  |  Loafers from ASOS   |  Bomber Jacker from ASOS  |  Khaki Blazer from Old Navy  | Black Waterfall Sweater from H&M  |  Sweater Jacket from ASOS  |  Turtleneck Sweater from Forever 21  |  Khaki Sweater from H&M  |  Button Up from Forever 21  |  Jogger Pants from Urban Outfitters

What items are you adding to your wardrobe this fall?

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  1. This list is so good! I’d already been contemplating that Old Navy blazer (very impressive stuff from them right now!), and now I’m going to have to add that striped long sleeve shirt from H&M to the list. Thanks for a great round-up!

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