4 Ways to Sleep Better

4 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight  |  The Fresh Exchange

I love sleeping. For real. I will call it an early night on a Friday just to get an extra bit of time cuddled up in bed reading a book or for that extra shut-eye. The older I get the most sleep sounds better than staying awake like I did in my early 20’s. I have also noticed that there are some key things that can make sleeping a lot easier and more optimal. A good night’s sleep is essential for a creative mind. It gives our brains the room it needs to shut off and restore. Everyone is different on how they make that happen, I mean let’s just take these famous people and their sleeping patterns for instance. No matter how different everyone is I know we all love a quality sleep session no matter the length, we may need. Thus, I thought I would share four little pieces of my routine that help me get the kind of sleep I need. A good night’s sleep promises that I am “on” whether I am at my desk, on set, or even spending a day dreaming up new ideas.

1. Tea it up:
There are a lot of good night time teas out there, and I am a solid believer in them. I am usually a classics girl and stick with a chamomile tea with a little raw honey at night. It acts as a natural sleep aid for me. Within 15 minutes of finishing my cup, I am nodding off without trying. There is nothing like having something warm in your belly right before bed. Add the sleepy qualities of herbs such as lavender, chamomile, and peppermint and you should be able to find an elixir to ease you into slumber relatively quickly.

2. Aromatherapy:
Let’s stay on the herbal track for another second here. We have one of these diffusers in our bedroom, and I love it. I drop in different essential oils depending on the season, but my favorites are lavender and then doTerra’s Breathe mix. The scents always calm me and mentally prepare me to quiet my mind and body. Plus the light hum is a nice little bit of white noise for the night.

3. Turn that phone off:
We all have heard this too many times to count, but only because it is the truth. Using your phone to put you to bed is no good. Grab a book and a reading lamp and go old fashioned. The blue glow of the screen stimulates your mind because it recognizes it as daylight. So opting for a book over your iPad or iPhone is a better choice. You will fall asleep easier and have a deeper sleep. On the same note, put that phone on do not disturb so you can sleep without a client waking you up at 7 AM when you went to bed at 2 AM. We have learned the hard way.

4. Find your rhythm:
Everyone has a pattern and rhythm that work for them. Some of us have a choice of finding what works for us, or our alarm clock does instead, either way there is a way to find a rhythm that works for you. I am someone that goes to bed between 11 pm and 12 am and I wake up naturally at 8 am or 9 am. Sure, I should by all the world’s standards be heading into the office around the time I am waking up. The thing is, I find if I push myself to get up earlier or go to bed earlier I am not as functional as I am on my later bedtime and later wake up rhythm. It took me years to embrace that about myself and feel ownership over what works for me. Now, I know that everything that needs to get done even if I don’t get to the office till 9:30 or 10 in the morning. No shame. We all are different, and we all have different things that work for us. The goal is to find what is truly us and works the best for us the best we can and feel ownership over it.

Do you have any great tips for sleeping and finding a rhythm that works for you? I would love to hear from you, and I am sure other readers would as well. Share them in the comments below!

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