A Holiday Party

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Holiday Party  |  The Fresh Exchange


Welcome to 2013! I took yesterday off to enjoy some time with my family and to relax a little before a REALLY busy month kicks off and I am hoping you all did the same.

When I look back at 2012 I realized I tried to pin point something I learned more than anything else and I came to the conclusion that I learned the importance of gathering and community. Too often I get way too focused on work and forget that it is important to spend time with those that challenge you, support you, and even just make you laugh.

So when Cammie invited us over for a small dinner party before Christmas I knew I could not say no.

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We came over to Cammie’s adorable down town home along with our visitor’s Anna and Brandon (Anna has awesome recipes check out her blog.) The menu was all about clean eating and so we had some spicy moroccan food.

Holiday Party  |  The Fresh Exchange

Cammie did the best job setting the table and the draping the sheep skin rugs over benches. It was snowing outside that night so the space felt like the perfect retreat from the harsh weather outside. We kept warm with champagne spritzers in striped cups and talked about life and the oncoming long winter ahead of us. (isn’t Hillary adorable in this pic above…loved it!)

holiday cheer4

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Holiday Party  |  The Fresh Exchange

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Holiday Party  |  The Fresh Exchange

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Holiday Party  |  The Fresh Exchange

Holiday Party  |  The Fresh Exchange

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In this new year I plan to have more dinner parties and to enjoy more simple moments like this than I did this year. Nothing better than ending a good work week with those closest to you.

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