To the Dunes…

To the Dunes  |  The Fresh Exchange

One of my favorite things about Northern Michigan this time of year are the long days. The sun shines till 9 or 9:30 every night, which means you can work all day then cut out around 4 or 5 to head out for an adventure. Taylor is currently in town with us for the next week and a half and so we felt that during our first full day together we needed to get her to the dunes. So, after work we headed out for a run, hike, and swim along the lakeshore.

To the Dunes  |  The Fresh Exchange

One of our favorite hikes through the dunes is in Glen Haven. This small canning town, which was once a ghost town about 7 years ago, has now become a fairly popular tourist destination. The great thing is that the dunes span for miles, so don’t worry, you can get away from the mini vans and hoards if you know the right places. For now I will leave those up to you to find on your own because we need to keep some places quiet enough so we can still enjoy it even in these busy months.

To the Dunes  |  The Fresh Exchange

To the Dunes  |  The Fresh Exchange

The dunes in Glen Haven are part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore; therefore, they are perfectly preserved and one of the most special landscapes you will ever see. The dune grasses and the old weather worn trees are my favorite. The rippling sand that is untouched is something to see if you ever get to the dunes. It is so special to see how the Earth moves the sand and how different the landscape is simply because of the dunes. Just feet away you have lush forests full of ferns and moss. It is pretty amazing.

To the Dunes  |  The Fresh Exchange

From this hike you can see the North and South Manitou islands on the horizon, and sometimes when the wind blows in a certain way you can even hear the beeping of the lighthouses out on the islands.

To the Dunes  |  The Fresh Exchange

To the Dunes  |  The Fresh Exchange

When we made our way down to the water, we convinced Taylor that there was nothing better than a cooling swim in Lake Michigan. Thankfully the water has warmed up in the last few weeks to a point where you can wander around in the shallow areas, and if you can will yourself, you can dive under in the deeper parts of this majestic body of water. In the bays it is far warmer, but last month when I jumped in to the open lake I had never been colder in my life. Thankfully we were sweating and hot enough from hiking on an 80 degree day in the beating sun that the cold water sounded like the best thing in the world.

To the Dunes  |  The Fresh Exchange

Once our bodies adjusted, we spent a good 30 minutes swimming around in the 4 foot water till we decided to make the last leg back to the car through the dunes. It was a perfect evening and truly why I love being up here this time of year. Every day I am reminded by how numbered our days are up here, so I am trying hard to enjoy it for all that it is worth. Soon enough we will be knee deep in renovating a house and life will look very different I think. Live in the moment my friends. Soak it up.

Happy Weekend! I hope you enjoy every minute of it!!!

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6 Responses

  1. Love it. So glad I discovered you! Great style, photography and writing. I am a new blogger after quitting my job in DEtroit and deciding to travel the world for a year. I miss home and your blog takes me back. Summers in Michigan are the best. I hope I can have a polished blog on par with yours someday. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. This is our favorite hike currently too–I did it 4 times last week. Best time was getting out there at 6:30am–just truly perfect.
    Thanks for not telling the specifics of it–you’re right that we need some quiet spots up here in the County these days.

  3. Thank you for posting about your adventures! I live in California and am heading to North Port in 2 weeks and am writing all these places down so I can visit 🙂

  4. Cheers to living it up! It’s 97 degrees in Austin and while that is so stinkin hot, I know if I’m not in the water during the summer then I’m doing it all wrong.

    Beautiful pics. I want to go to there. Michigan looks like Dreamville, USA.

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