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Fresh Tunes 01  |  The Fresh Exchange

I am always on the hunt for the new. New sounds. New ideas. New art. New styles. I find the new things exciting and inspiring. It is a lot of fun to use my days listening to music while working. Finding new and exciting tracks or albums brings new energy to our days. So, I thought I would share just a few of our favorite discoveries with you to get you through your hump day.

Boulevards – Got to Go
A local Raleighite, this guy not only has a really great Instagram full of funk and style, but his sound is so fresh that I keep listening to it on repeat right now. Nothing will make you feel better!

Ibeyi – River
I love the worldly sound of Ibeyi. I am not a world music person, but these two young sisters find a way to celebrate their heritage in the modern age. It is really special to listen to.

Eskimeaux – Broken Necks
A playful sound from a girl band. The sounds are fun and light hearted with heavy and real conversation about love. Really love the sound that somehow reminds me of all my favorite bands in high school.

Odessa – Hummed Low
This isn’t the freshest and newest song on the scene but her full-length album just recently was released and it is beautiful and wonderful just as this song is. I highly suggest checking it out to accompany you this summer.

Petite Noir – Chess
Airy and light with an energizing under beat, this is a song and an artist to grab onto.

Kiiara – Gold
Found this song in the most random and wild way on Instagram. Since it has been non-stop playing. You’ll thank me later for giving you this hint about this talented lady who currently works her days at a hardware store.

SOAK – B a noBody
This whole album is beautiful and such a release in the middle of the day or evening. An Irish singer/songwriter this is her first full-length album and it is not to be missed.

I would love to hear some of your favorite new music is. There are some amazing artists producing gorgeous sounds it is hard to keep up on it all. Let’s hear it! Tell us your newest favorite.


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