Garden Dream – Finding Out the Ideal Garden

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There is something about the garden isn’t there? The vibrant greens on a humid morning as the sun rises in August. The smell of fresh herbs and tomatoes on your hands after harvesting. All of it is exhilarating and fulfilling in ways that nothing else is.

Now that garden season is upon us I am dreaming daily about getting my hands dirty in the garden. I am thinking about the stillness of the space and the quiet it offers to us through the gardening seasons.

The Perfect Garden – Ideas and Inspiration

Much of what I have been doing lately is looking at ideas and inspiration on Pinterest these days for ideas for our future garden as well as our temporary gardens. At times it all feels overwhelming since I am learning a lot right now, but I am taking one step at a time.

We are putting in a garden at a current rental that we and our friends we rent from will enjoy through the summer and fall months. I am taking it is a wonderful opportunity to learn and figure out what I want to grow, while making some mistakes along the way.

What I love to have in a garden

When I think about the garden I think about things being simple, rustic, organic, and allowed to be set free. A garden that feels like organized chaos and has some character,which I love. The look of raised beds from old wood and moss growing where the boards meet. A lovely handmade trellises for beans. I love little handwritten markers in the garden. I always feel a garden should hold signs and marks of those who tend to it.

Dreamy Garden Inspiration for your summer garden. Get all the inspiration on the fresh exchange for your garden.
Source: Bean Trellis

Things to look forward to

When I think of what the days ahead in the garden hold, I think of the way the garden will feel in August and September when the bounty is at its peak. How the branches of the tomato plants will be heavy and weighed down from the abundance of the fruit hanging on them.

I think of how you casually walk through the rows to check on the garden and walk away with handfuls of beans or peas unexpectedly.The sharing of the goods of a successful crop with those I love. I think of the vibrant scents of fresh herbs after grazing my hand over their leaves.

What Makes a Garden beautiful

There are many ways you can make a garden beautiful and it can feel like a real undertaking, but ultimately what makes a beautiful and special garden is one that is created out of love and passion more than anything else. A great garden holds the hopes and dreams of those who tend to it.

So tell me, what are you dreaming about as you begin looking toward your garden days? Is there a project you are adding into your space this year? Is this your first year gardening? What does your garden mean to you?

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