Glen Haven Dune Hike

Glen Haven Dune Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

This week Corey Mason of Clyde Oak and White Whale came north with his wife, Shelley. It is always amazing to have such good friends here to visit because it always gives an opportunity to become tourists with them. We love adventuring to new places while also watching those we are with experience the amazing landscape for the first time.

Glen Haven Dune Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

Yesterday we went to Glen Haven and wandered through the dunes along the coast there in the Sleeping Bear National Park. If you are ever north do not miss this opportunity. I cannot explain these places. You feel as if you are in the desert and hiking for miles to get to the oasis. Honestly this song from Lord Huron may be the best way to give you the gorgeous image of our day yesterday.

Glen Haven Dune Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

Glen Haven Dune Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect with a rain storm building out on the lake which brought in the cool breeze even as the sun beat on our shoulders. This is not a place you want to be stuck without water or a good breeze because it will feel like the desert.

Glen Haven Dune Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

Glen Haven Dune Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

I cannot explain places like this. I always think as I wander through them that when I get to my post I will be able to dictate the experience but ultimately there is no description or photo that can display or convey this land. The Earth amazes me when you are standing on a sand dune that drops nearly a mile straight in to fresh crystal clear water. It blows me away no matter how many times I wander through the sand and forests.

Glen Haven Dune Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

Glen Haven Dune Hike  |  The Fresh Exchange

We are having a lot of fun this week taking a few days off with Corey and Shelley so make sure you watch our instagram accounts (Megan and Mike) for all the fun. Even check out Corey’s as well right here. He posts awesome stuff focused on the beauty of the land and what it teaches us.

Happy Thursday you all!

If you are in town for Traverse City Film Fest…I highly suggest coming to The Little Fleet for a drink…so many awesome events going on.

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5 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness! I randomly came across a picture from this post on Pinterest and I am so glad I did! I grew up about 10 minutes away from Glen Haven and I spend all free time dreaming of Glen Arbor, Leelanau and Traverse City while I am living in the deserts of Utah! Thanks so much for the pick me up! I love love love your website! From now on I will definitely be an avid reader!

    Lots of Michigan love to you!

    1. Oh I love it!!! So glad you found me. Those of us that know this place know how it seeps in to your soul in a way that not many places do. Have an awesome week Annie!

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